Friday, January 31, 2014

PBE Games - The Litany of Releases

Since last post, I've been busy with new stuff over on DriveThruRPG / RPGNow. Here's an update on the latest PBE Games releases, beginning with several new entries in the Uncommon Ground texture pack series:

  • Flecked - A stone surface with flecks of bright material embedded.
  • Erosion Control - Rough stone with lighter areas protruding from a darker substrate.
  • Petrified Lichen - A stone texture with an irregularly colored surface.
  • Worm Rock - A two-color hatching pattern for old-school style maps.
Note there are previews of each texture available on the relevant product page. Looking forward, I have another eight to ten Uncommon Ground textures almost ready to roll, including two more hatching patterns, another wood grain, and more stone too.
Petrified Lichen Preview
On the Dungeons in Blue front, I put out Twisty Tunnels, a geomorph pack of natural caves. This is similar to the Corridors and Intersections pack in that it's primarily passages, intersections, and curves, with very few rooms. As I've been making more use of geomorphs in my own game, I've discovered you need a lot of these connector-style tiles to fit things together. I have a similar package, Tunnel and Cave, in the works, which provides the same sort of passages and intersections, but each tile is also a natural to worked tunnel connection.

Twisty Tunnels Preview
I've also updated the Master List to include the most recent additions to Dungeons in Blue, plus planned additional releases. Look for three more full geomorph packs, plus the associated triple pack in the next week or two.

Lastly, I released One Page #14 - Arctic Features and Hazards which provides twenty locale-based minor encounters ready for use in any fantasy RPG. I have two more of these planned, one for Jungles, and one for Wetlands, which should round out the One Page terrain types nicely. I'll be doing a standard five pack deal for numbers 11-15, and I'm also planning on bundling up all the outdoor features and hazards One Pages into the Great Outdoors Collection.

Worm Rock Preview
OK, so that's about it for the product updates. Thanks as always for reading, and enjoy the weekend!

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