Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diablo 3 - Boss Affixes

Another in a series of concise game data listings. See the index page for a full listing of related articles.

Today's list covers boss and champion affixes, the modifiers that give boss creatures and champion packs their deadly powers. These are culled from various sources and personal pain. As always if you see something missing or incorrect, leave a note in the comments and I'll correct it.

I use the term "boss" to refer to unique monsters and their minions and champion packs. I try to use champion when talking about affixes that can only apply to champion packs.

  • Arcane Enchanted - Boss drops slow-turning turrets that shoot out a beam of dangerous arcane damage.
  • Avenger - Avenger champions become stronger when one of their number dies.
  • Desecrator - These bosses drop a zone of glowing red beneath the player. Don't stand in the fire.
  • Electrified - Bosses emit electrical bolts when struck and add electrical damage to their attacks.
  • Extra Health - These bosses have extra health, above and beyond that normally granted to boss creatures.
  • Fast - Really fast.
  • Fire Chains - Lines of burning chains connect boss creatures with this affix. The chains damage anyone that gets too close or crosses them.
  • Frozen - These bosses chill their foes and can drop exploding ice crystals that totally freeze foes within a certain radius. Avoid the ice crystals to avoid being frozen.
  • Health Link - Bosses with this ability share a common health pool, making it almost impossible to pick off individual pack members.
  • Horde - Minions with this attribute will appear in much greater numbers than the typical three to five.
  • Illusionist - Bosses with Illusionist create mirror image duplicates of themselves. Duplicates have the powers of the original, but very low hit points. Very dangerous with summoner-type bosses.
  • Invulnerable - Minions are immune to damage, but their boss can be slain. I've not seen this one personally, further hints as to its effects would be helpful.
  • Jailer - Jailers cage player characters and hirelings in tiny circles of red light, locking them in place for a short period of time.
  • Knockback - Attacks send the target flying.
  • Missile Dampening - A slow-time effect that slows / stops missiles only. Another one I haven't seen personally.
  • Molten - Bosses leave a trail of fire as they walk and do fire damage to foes in melee range. Upon death the boss explodes for fire damage after a short delay.
  • Mortar - The bane of ranged characters, Mortar bosses shoot fire bombs at anyone outside a certain radius. Stay close to avoid this.
  • Nightmarish - Bosses with this ability cause a horrify effect by attacking, causing the target to flee (or stand helpless if they can't).
  • Plagued - Bosses add poison attacks and drop a pool of green ichor beneath their own feet. Don't stand in the green goo.
  • Shielding - Bosses can create a temporary damage shield, which appears as a transparent globe around them.
  • Teleporting - Bosses can teleport towards or away from characters.
  • Vampiric - Bosses drain life from their targets when they strike them.
  • Vortex - Bosses with this power suck players and hirelings to them.
  • Waller - Bosses create walls near player characters, blocking travel. Champions create shorter walls than true bosses, who can create three-sided boxes.
Did I miss any?

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