Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Minecraft: Build Again!

So it begins, my second Minecraft let's play build. I've done a bit of work on this in the background, and have a few pictures to show off where things are headed:

This first picture is my new base, a small glass topped tower sitting above the Morlock-land of mines and workshops beneath the surface.
Tower in the Sun
The second image below shows the future site of my outdoor garden and duck pond. It looks suitably park-like to me.
A duck!
The third picture is from Minutor, a Minecraft mapping toy that let's you look at a top-down view of your worlds and slice the map at any level. This is a just above the trees view of the area around my tower (visible as a squarish blob). It looks like I have a town nearby, which I'll need to check out soon.
Minutor - Top down map

That's it for now, except to mention that I've updated the index with recent posts, including this Minecraft series and my Homicide solo RPG game. Dig on!

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