Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Minecraft: Day Two - Hunger Games

After waiting out the first night in my little hovel, it's time to face day two! During the night I added a little more space to my hole in the wall shelter and put together a few more tools, including a sword and some extra torches. Today I need to find some food. Since I don't have any string, I can't fish or make a bow, and I'm not sure I want to start growing wheat just yet, so I'll probably try and kill some cows, pigs or chickens for meat. We'll see what the day brings (other than a creeper hovering outside the door).
Heeere piggy piggy piggy!
Day two starts off pretty well, with two quick pig kills, netting me a couple of pork chops. That should cover the next day or so in food, giving me time to start some wheat. With the food angle covered I wandered around my little hill to see what else was nearby. Let's see... creeper, and... creeper, and... creeper. Yep, looks like creepers. I can hear a spider lurking in the caves beneath the hill, and some brief exploration shows the whole area is positively riddled with sink holes and pits that lead into scary dark places.
Don't fall off. You can't see it but there's at least one skeleton down there.
From the top of the hill I get a good look around. Ocean, jungle, another hilly area across a small lake or sea, and some forest. After fixing the locale in my head, not like I ever get lost of course, I continue to poke around, and snag a little iron ore in one of the upper caves before getting chased off by several more monsters lurking in the shadows. Looks like plan A may involve carving away the entire hill to expose the rich caves of goodness below and burning the evil inhabitants in the light of the sun.
View from above.
I spend what remains of the day gathering some wood to cook my pork chops and smelt my iron ore. I need to decide what to make with that. I think a bucket might be my first choice. Armor is nice, but I want to get some wheat growing and being able to move water is a good thing. At dusk I realize I have to run to make the safety of my hole, and end up with a zombie pounding on the door. Stupid zombie.
Inventory at the end of night two.
Tonight I'll cook and smelt, make a few more tools and a chest to hold some extra loot as a reserve in case the worse happens. It'd be nice to find some sheep for wool tomorrow so I can make a bed, but I also want to find a spot in a non-tundra area I can use for a wheat farm. I really need to set up a big torch beacon on the hill top too, in case I get lost. In real life I have a great sense of direction, but it abandons me when I play Minecraft.

Tonight, we feast!


  1. It's quite fun. I'm finding it hard to stick to a 1 day per post style, something I might change up as I go forward.


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