Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Colony - Turn 1 - Docking Maneuvers

And we're off! The first short turn to kick off the game and get players back in the groove of PBEM gaming.

Start Date: July 18, 1027
Start Status: Arrival
Start Location: New Kavlin harbor, aboard the Rose of the Sea

The Turn

The Rose's sails cast long shadows before the ship as it approaches the dock, guided by a port pilot. It's just after sunrise and it's already getting hot. The bustle of passengers preparing to disembark makes for a noisy scene on deck. The party members who are ready to go stand along the rail, waiting for the slowpokes to gather their gear below. As the crew made the ship fast, they study the scene on the long wooden pier. Gert Regin a crewman who'd made the trip before sidles up and nods toward the squad of soldiers forming a barrier between the end of the pier and the land beyond. A trio of hulking figures stands behind the soldiers, and an officer and several well-dressed types sit at tables in front of them. "Looks like the governor is ready for trouble."

"What's with the people at the tables?"

"They inspect passengers; one's probably a doctor. The officer there, he's looking for criminal types or anyone without a skill. Troublemakers." Gert laughs, a bitter sound. "Hope you folks have a good reason to be here." He continues in a more serious tone. "Wait a bit and watch. Oh, and if I was you, I'd have the Sarvan priests hang around while the others get checked out. The military don't muck about with the priesthood, much." With a nod, Gert leaves the party at the rail and scampers up a mast to help stow the sails.

The party heeds the sailor's advice was good and stays at the rail while other passengers depart. As people reach the tables they are interviewed. The first stop is a civilian who asks questions, looks at eyes and ears, and studies hands. Next is the military officer, who asks more questions as he looks over several sheets of parchment. The third table, which holds a small scale and an iron lockbox, is occupied by a woman backed by two soldiers. From the deck, it appears she is changing coin, and more than one passenger complains about this process. Several people don't make it past the gauntlet. An old man is shuttled off by two soldiers at the doctor's request, and two men are hauled away by soldiers, one for arguing with the money changer, one by the officer's order.

Those that make it past the tables are allowed through the line of soldiers. There, a pack of kids descends upon them, begging and shouting offers for cheap rooms, fine accommodations, and good beer. Some of your former companions choose a guide and follow them along the dock (south, usually). Others ignore the shouts. A few look very lost.

The crowd on the deck is thinning. It's time to go. As the party descends the gangplank, Captain Martis gives them a nod. "Take care of yourselves. I'm sure I'll see you around the city."

"You're not returning to Sarvikar?"

The captain shrugs. "You saw how it was. I don't see much point." He looks out to see, then gestures along the dock, which is noticeably bare of ships. "Looks like there might be work enough here."


It seems clear that you'll need to provide some justification for your presence in New Kavlin. You should also figure out how you'll handle the money changer and if you're willing to exchange all your currency. The doctor shouldn't be a concern – you're all healthy.

End Date: July 18, 1027
End Status: Disembark
End Location: New Kavlin, on the dock

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