Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Minecraft - Housekeeping

Last week's post covered some of the changes/improvements I made to my base in my current game of Minecraft. Since then, I've been doing a bunch of random stuff, but I don't seem to have a lot to show for my efforts. Call it housekeeping. Much like my activity this past week, this post is probably going to be a bit disjoint.

Exploring counts as housekeeping, right?
I did a bit of roaming, looking for new resources/plants and interesting locations. The above image is a crag biome. One of my main exploration goals was finding melons, a task that I failed miserably. Never fear! By exploiting the power of Botania, I managed to create some melon seeds, and I now have a melon farm up and running.

I also expanded my workshop and changed up access between floors. The big staircase was getting in the way, so I replaced it with Elevator blocks from OpenBlocks. These blocks perform a short-range teleport when you jump or crouch, but only straight up or straight down. Handy for replacing stairs.

The new shop is probably big enough to deal with most of my machine needs, for now. It's pretty empty at the moment, but that will change. I did manage to find the river when I was building it out too.

Water View
Expansion Space
I also shuffled around my storage and did some organization. It's kind of like cleaning out the garage. I still have work to do on that aspect, though. My tree farms are producing much more wood than I can use, so I need to figure out a better storage method or start turning wood into something useful.

Let's see, I expanded my Botania setup to include a Portal to Alfheim. The portal lets you trade materials with the elves and expands Botania's capabilities.

Portal and Mana Pools ready!
Doing all this cleanup and organization showed me that I was running low on basic materials, particularly iron. Until now, my quarry was running off a single Survivalist Generator, which is just not powerful enough to run it at a reasonable speed. I decided to upgrade to a Lava Generator. That means lava, lots of lava. Well, the Nether is full of lava, so...

Lava Production is a go!
From left to right, that's a BuildCraft Pump, an EnderStorage Ender Tank, a Survivalist Generator, and a ChickenChunks Chunk Loader. My quarry has a matching Ender Tank feeding a Lava Generator, which has really sped up production there.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things, like the Pyroclast Pendant I made for Blaze hunting, or searching for meteors so I can start building an AE system, but that's the problem with housekeeping, it all blurs together after a while. This week I may start building the AE system, or do some more stuff with Botania. My current space for this mod is a bit cramped, so I may need to expand or move it. I also need to figure out a better way to deal with quarry output, since zipping back and forth with bags of ore isn't very efficient.

Busy, busy.

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