Monday, November 9, 2015

Wilds - Death Count Holding (For Now)

In which, the party continues to stand in the middle of the prepared ambush slugging it out. It does not go well, but no one else is dead, yet.

[Round Ten, Foe Initiative]

Durego prepares a spell!

The remaining lizards in the fire room vie with each other for the privilege of attacking Grendor and Strom through the narrow doorway. One eventually wins and leaves puncture wounds when it bites the dwarf's arm. [2 damage]. In the north-south hall, things get dangerous as the horrific foe that slew Maro slithers out of the shadows, straight for Mordikarr! Supporting its thick serpentine torso with its two lower arms, it attacks Mordikarr with too many swords to count, inflicting two deep cuts. [11 damage]. "Look out!" cries the beastmaster, warning the others of the new creature's appearance.

Realizing that Mordikarr needs serious help, Rawon moves forward to help fight the new foe, hoping to overwhelm it with numbers. "Dag, get your healing spells ready, this thing hurts!"

The cleric drops Raúguey and moves behind the two combatants, ready to assist when he can. "We need to get out of the death tra... Ohwatoo! What are you doing?"

"The mask! And the scrolls, they may help!" Ohwatoo also drops Raúguey and move's to Maro's still form, grabbing the mask and then searching for the magical scroll the elf carried.

Seeing the new foe in the hall, Ingvild decides to give his bola a whirl, but the bulky weapon's cords hit the door frame, and it falls to the ground near the creature.

Durego's spell goes off, healing Strom [7 healed, 1 damage to Durego]. Grendor and Strom both back away from the door, hoping one lizard follows so they can both attack. Grendor takes a swing as he moves, but can't connect.

Faced with a dangerous melee foe, Rawon and Mordikarr attack, hoping to kill the creature before it can strike again. Mordikarr misses completely and Rawon scores a glancing blow [3 damage]. "HURRY OHWATOO!" cries Dagmarten when he realizes the creature is not going to go down easy.

[Round Eleven, party initiative]

"I hope this works or we're dead," mutters Durego.

Durego prepares a spell! Dagmarten prepares a spell!

Realizing that everyone's goose is cooked if the serpent thing isn't defeated, Ingvild pulls veil piercer and slides into the hall, hoping to get behind the terrible thing. Grendor and Strom wait for one of the lizards to commit itself to an attack.

"Ah ha! Found it!" Ohwatoo holds up the scroll, then realizes no one's paying him the slightest attention. He moves back to the entry to the tree room, mask on, scroll in hand, trying to remember which spell is which.

Dagmarten casts his healing spell on Mordikarr [4 healed], and then all three front-line combatants strike at their slithery foe. Mordikarr slams his heavy blade into the creature's torso [4 damage]. Durego casts hold person at the creature, but it doesn't seem to be affected by the spell. The priest curses in a most un-priestly fashion and draws his mace.

One of the lizards finally moves foward, and both Grendor and Strom attack, and Grendor connects with a solid blow to a forelimb [7 damage]. The lizard returns the attack, scoring a claw hit on the half-elf [5 damage]. In the hall, the serpent thing lashes at Ingvild with its thick tail while it engages Rawon and Mordikarr with swords. The nimble thief ducks the blow, but the others are not so lucky, each takes a sword blow. [Rawon 7 damage, Mordikarr 5 damage]. "Uurlk, should have stayed outside," groans the wood elf, then his eyes widen. "ANOTHER ONE!" he cries, pointing down the hall to where a second serpentine creature is now visible at the death pit entrance.

To give you an idea how the party is faring, here's everyone's current HP status:

Dagmarten 6/7
Durego 11/17
Grendor 10/19
Ingvild 14/15
Maro -8/15 (RIP)
Mordikarr 8/22
Ohwatoo 10/12
Raúguey 18/25 (but held)
Rawon 2/9
Saurabh -14/10 (lizard food)
Strom 20/26

In short: not well.

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