Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Wilds - Tasty Cleric!

Things are getting complicated for the party. One dead, one held, and one being dragged off by giant lizards (OK, he's dead too). This fight is getting pretty complicated and deadly. It started way back here.

[Round Eight - Party Initiative]

"Close the door!" cries Durego, and he and Ingvild try to force the door shut while the rather insistent giant lizard tries to eat them.

"We're comin' lads! C'mon Gren, time to earn our pay!" Strom charges back across the hall into the side passage, followed by Grendor, and the pair switches places with thief and cleic, and the lizard recoils from the new threat. The narrow doorway hampers movement, so only one fighter can attack. Grendor reaches forward and slashes the lizard across its toothy maw [12 damage] Ingvild tries to find an opening to fire his sling, but there's simply no space.

Dagmarten struggles to move the helpless Raúguey. "I could use a little help!" Rawon pays no attention. Instead, he kneels next to Maro and starts going through his pouches and back. "What are you doing?"

"He has the medallion and the other keys for the spire! We can't lose those. Or these!" He tucks the magical arrows into his quiver.

Meanwhile, Mordikarr unlimbers his bow and moves the corner of the hall. "Get out of the firing line Ohwatoo!" he says. The mage moves aside, realizing he can't contribute to the mess in the fire room, and Mordikarr sends a blind shot down the hall, hoping to dissuade anything that might be coming from that direction. A squeal indicates he hit something. [nice time for a natural 20 roll]

Whatever is down the hall returns fire, and one of the bolts rattles off the wall next to Mordikarr's head.

At the front, the giant lizard strikes back at Grendor, raking the fighter with both claws [11 damage], noises from further back in the room indicate the bat is still engaged too, at least for now. Strom, trying to work in a blow against the nearest lizard, sees movement further back. "It's takin' off with Saurabh!" he cries as he watches one of the lizards drag the almost-certainly-dead-now cleric out of the room.

[Round Nine - Enemy Initiative]

Durego prepares a spell!

As Ohwatoo starts to help Dagmarten with Raúguey, and Rawon moves forward to provide fire support, sudden darkness fills the end of the hall! "There's a wizard or priest about!" yells Ingvild, who's also enveloped in shadow, and more bolts streak out of the south hall. One nicks Mordikarr [2 damage - kobolds roll 20s too!].

The push and shove at the front puts Strom ahead, which is probably a good thing. The lizard swipes at the Strom and connects with a claw hit [5 damage]. The second lizard joins its companion at the door, indicating the bat is probably dead, but there's no space for it to attack.

Durego completes his spell and gropes blindly for a target, eventually healing Grendor [7 healed, 1 damage Durego]. Mordikarr takes another shot down the hall, to no obvious effect. The others, stymied for the moment by the blackness, mill about in the tree room. Strom takes a swing at the nearest lizard (uncertain if it's the first or second), but can't connect.

OOC: We'll stop here to deal with the new factors.

After sending the above (and the new map with a huge black area marked), I realized almost everyone in the party is carrying a continual light object, so the darkness spell didn't actually do anything.

Poor Saurabh, dragged off to be lizard food. The guy never really had a chance to shine.

Of course *most* of this mess could have been avoided if the party had done anything at all about the room known as the reptile house upstairs. I specifically called out that the door to this area was open when they were there, and the group knew there were hostile giant lizards there (they used them to dispose of trog corpses waaay back). This is why your parents always yell at you to close the front door.

Wound status:

Dagmarten 1
Durego 5
Grendor 4
Ingvild 1
Ohwatoo 2
Raúguey 7
Strom 11

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