Monday, November 2, 2015

The Wilds - One Down...

Ongoing carnage. That is all.

[Round Six - Party Initiative]

Dagmarten prepares a spell!

With three party members down the group springs into desperate action. "Grab Saurabh! Pull him out of there!" Durego tries to bull his way into the hall leading to the fire room so Ingvild can grab the wounded cleric, but space is tight, and the lizard is big. Durego is relieved when he sees the giant bat summoned by Ohwatoo go flittering past to keep the other lizard busy [since Ohwatoo can't see the thing in the death pit and the door is closed, the dice chose another target]. Ingvild tries to drag Saurabh out of harm's way, but Durego and the giant lizard are in the way.

Meanwhile, Mordikarr uses his heavy sword as a prop to try and hold the death pit door closed against the anticipated assault from the creature beyond. Rawon tries to drag Raúguey away from the front ranks. "What the devil does he have in that backpack, rocks?" He makes very slow progress but manages to get close enough to Dagmarten to benefit from the bless spell when it goes off [Durego, Dagmarten, Ingvild, Ohwatoo, Raúguey and Saurabh are all blessed].

Grendor and Strom back up, hauling Maro's corpse as they move. The hallway near the door gets very crowded!

The bat and Durego swing at their respective targets; neither blow penetrates scaled lizard hide.

The first giant lizard ignores Durego, grabs Saurabh's still form and backs away, beady black eyes fixed on Durego while its scaly companion chases the giant bat around the room (scoring a hit with a bite in the process [5 damage]). Durego tries to hit the retreating creature without hitting Saurabh, but he can't connect "Help me! It's got Saurabh!" Ingvild dashes into the now open space and swings with the glowing yellow sword, but he misses too. Then he shouts, "Look out! Another!" as he spots a third giant lizard in the room. The creature lunges, but not at the thief. It tries to pull Saurabh [hard to say if he's alive or dead now] from the first lizard.

With Ingvild and Durego out of the way, Rawon manages to pull Raúguey up around the corner leading to the tree room, and Grendor and Strom back up a little more, leaving Mordikarr holding the death pit door. He waits for the worst, but nothing happens, and he hears nothing over the racket up the hall.

Those in the north-south hall are pelted with MORE crossbow bolts from the south end of the corridor, and Grendor and Strom can barely make out the dim forms of small humanoids past the obstructing rocks. One bolt slams into Strom [6 damage], the others skid off armor, shields and walls. The dwarf shouts a warning to Mordikarr, "Watch your back lad, they're in the hall!"

[Round Seven - Party Initiative]

Ohwatoo prepares a spell!

Neither Durego no Ingvild are willing to advance against three potential lizard foes; they hold a defensive position in the short hallway, just inside the door. Durego bangs mace on shield, and Ingvild shouts to try and distract the creatures from their grisly tug of war [yeah, he's probably not going to survive]. Meanwhile, the others manage to drag the downed parties into the tree room, and Dagmarten tries to figure out what's wrong with Raúguey. Rawon grabs ElfSword and moves to back up Grendor and Strom, who take a position at the entry to the tree room. "Mordikarr, the hall is clear! Get out of there!" shouts Grendor.

The beastmaster decides retreat is a good idea. He grabs his blade and takes off, hoping speed will make him a hard target for the crossbows.

Ohwatoo, the last occupant of the north-south hall, completes his spell, and he's joined by a copy of himself.

MORE crossbow shots from the south, and this time the targets are limited. One strikes Ohwatoo [2 points of damage].

At the fire room, Durego and Ingvild can hear the bat fighting with the second giant lizard [the result of this fight is unclear]. The third finally gives up on wresting Saurabh from the first and lunges for the door. It looks hungry. Priest and thief are ready for the attack and both swing as the lizard arrives. Durego whacks the doorway REAL GOOD and Ingvild's blade scrapes a scale. The lizard claws and bites at both characters, scoring a bite against Durego and a claw hit against Ingvild [4 and 1 respectively].


We'll stop there, so the party can adjust its plans as needed. Wound status:

Dagmarten: 1
Durego: 4
Ingvild: 1
Ohwatoo: 2
Raúguey: 7 [Dagmarten is fairly certain he's held]
Saurabh: ?? [It doesn't look good]
Strom: 6

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