Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wilds - Two Steps Forward

The party has fallen into one of their periodic we move 10 feet and see what happens cycles, which I find kind of annoying, so this is a pretty short turn. I may have to implement the RFED (*) stress track for this game to get the group to move faster.

As Raúguey digs in his pack for spikes and mallet, Grendor and Strom head back down the hall to search bodies, and Durego uses healing magic on Maro and Raúguey, and then prepares a batch of kettle broth. [End result: Maro 1 damage, Raúguey 5]. Ohwatoo tries to recall the bat from the wand, but nothing happens. The others keep watch in the hall, then start to move northwest as the *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* of Raúguey spiking doors shut rings out.

The noise motivates Grendor and Strom to work faster, and they rejoin the others with little to show for their efforts. "A few coins and this," says Grendor, holding out a piece of rolled hide covered in charcoal lines. [15 GP, 30 SP, see reference images].

"Look at it later, we need to get moving, or we'll never catch them," says Maro, anxious to press on.

The group moves northwest up the diagonal hall, rechecking rooms as they go. At the grate room, Raúguey checks the door. "Closed, but is that how we left it?" he says.

South, down west hall, to the intersection with cross hall and the well room passage. The doors here are closed, and Rawon starts directing people to line up to go into cross hall. "What are ye doin' laddie?" Strom stomps over and yanks the doors open. "We wus just in here, searchin' that stinkin' corpse. Nothin' here but the dead." The dwarf gestures to the west. "That's next."

The group sets up with fighters to the front, the rest further back with missile weapons ready. Mordikarr and Raúguey yank open the doors, revealing an empty hall! Raúguey tosses a light stone into the hall, and it reveals most of the area. The well room is empty, as are the stairs down. The door to the reptile house is open. At the bottom of the stairs, the door leading away from the narrow landing is closed.

Maro pushes into the room, and starts down the stairs, conscious of the arrow slit to the right. Near the bottom, he stops and studies the floor, then returns. "There are all kinds of tracks down there. I think they retreated down the stairs."

(*) RFED - Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies.

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