Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wilds - Broken Ambush

The party was off to a shaky start, with a few people getting hammered hard by the giant lizard ambush. It didn't help that they lost initiative every round. Maybe things change.

[Round Four - Party Initiative (maybe Dagmarten will live)]

Durego begins to cast a spell!
Maro starts to cast a spell!
Ingvild invokes the power of the Snake Eye Amulet against the lizard facing Dagmarten!

In cross hall, Grendor and Strom start a fighting retreat, backing toward the east hall and away from the stench of the dead trog; their lizard foe pursues. The bat disappears into the west hall. In east hall, Saurabh and Ohwatoo edge forward. Neither is anxious to get into melee with these lizards, but Ohwatoo has darts, and Saurabh has good intentions. Mordikarr rushes to assist Dagmarten.

Rawon fires an arrow at the lizard facing Maro, a tricky shot from behind the statue, but better than firing between Mordikarr and Dagmarten. Still a miss. Ohwatoo hurls a dart at the same creature and scores a hit [4 damage]!

Durego's spell goes off and he gestures at the trog in the chamber of pits (we'll see how that works out). Maro's spell also goes off and there are suddenly more Maros. Ingvild feels the power of the amulet flow through him, and the lizard nearest Dagmarten turns and flees!

Mordikarr and Dagmarten each take a parting shot at the fast-moving lizard. Dagmarten barely musters the energy to swing, while Mordikarr's blow slides off the creature's scaly hide.

Raúguey hacks at the creature attacking Maro and scores an impressive hit [13 damage]. Grendor and Strom attack their pursuing foe, and Grendor connects [10 damage]. The lizard takes a last staggering step, then slithers to the floor, dead.

"Cursed creature!" cries Durego, as the trog in the chamber of pits whirls away and disappears into the shadows. "A trog is still running around in there!" he shouts, gesturing at the door. Scuffling sounds followed by a slamming door in the northwest hall indicate someone or something else is also moving. There's also faint noise to the south, and, too late, Ohwatoo and Saurabh realize the kobolds have opened the doors down there again. Crossbow bolts streak out of the dark hall! One clangs off Saurabh's heavy mail, the rest go wild.

Meanwhile, the remaining lizard whirls and attacks Raúguey, striking with claw and jaw [8 damage].

[Round Five - Party Initiative]

Dagmarten prepares a spell!
Saurabh prepares a spell!

Durego joins Raúguey in the front ranks, ready to beat the lizard to a pulp. Mordikarr turns to assist, but it's obvious there's no space with the many Maros. He draws his bow and keeps his eyes on the northwest hall, aware that more foes lurk up that way. [No real option to approach/fire at the lizard]. Rawon is in much the same boat. Too many Maros. He edges past Dagmarten and joins Mordikarr watching the northwest hall, leaving Ingvild to watch the east passage.

Grendor and Strom fall back into east hall. They did not hear the crossbows last round, but as they back into the hall, movement to the south catches Grendor's eye. "KOBOLDS!" he cries, "At em!" he and Strom charge the lurking kobolds at the south doors.

Ohwatoo considers tossing a dart at the lizard. "Nope," he thinks. "Too crowded." Next he considers tossing a dart at the kobolds. "Also too crowded," he thinks. Finally he settles for keeping watch on the cross hall doors, which are still open.

Dagmarten's spell goes off, and he cures himself [4 healed]. Saurabh casts his cure on Raúguey [3 healed].

Maro, Raúguey and Durego all attack the remaining lizard, none of them can penetrate the lizard's impenetrable defenses! To the south, Grendor and Strom engage the kobolds in the doorway and keep them from shutting the doors. Grendor cuts down one kobold, Strom slams his axe into the wall. [Seriously Strom, I thought you practiced this winter.] Another kobold moves up to take the place of his fallen companion.

The lizard attacks Raúguey again, and scores a claw hit [4 damage]. The kobolds facing Grendor and Strom also attack (they've switched to short swords), but neither connects.


Looks like things are well in hand at the moment, but someone or something has escaped. Maybe they'll bring along some friends when they return?

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