Tuesday, October 6, 2015

PBE Games - August/September Review

Time for another update on PBE Games releases. This post covers products published in August and September.

First on the list are two new Uncommon Ground textures: Grated, a roughly hatched pattern that includes some funky color variants, and Fabricated, an abstract cloth pattern. Both these textures include four different versions and are licensed for private and commercial use.

Next up are several Dungeons in Blue tile packs. I've released three new Expansion Packs, standard tile sets that use all the various corridors, waterways, sewers and other features found in previously released specialty packs. Expansion Packs are available individually or in a triple pack discount bundle. I've also released Border Bits, a collection of edge tiles to tidy up the dungeon perimeter.

Expansion Set A Preview

Finally, I've published the first discount bundle of Hexed Places. This product contains the first five Hexed Places outdoor encounter areas.

The next couple months should see six new Expansion Packs, five new Mega Tiles, more Small Dungeons and a set of lava-based geomorphs for Dungeons in Blue hit the shelves. I also have a couple new Uncommon Ground textures and at least one more One Page table in the queue. I have more Hexed Places in the works too, but my progress on these is slower than I'd like, so no promises on delivery dates yet.

That's it for now. Thanks, as always for reading.

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