Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Wilds - Tactical Retreat

Last turn, the party discovered an ambush set by a pack of kobolds in the pit. The kobolds fired once, retreated and barred the doors behind them. Confused party is confused.

[Round Four - ?? initiative]

"Raúguey! Ingvild! Come on, let’s regroup in the East Hall!” Grendor gestures to Strom and Dagmarten. Strom starts moving his stubby legs, but the cleric pauses until Ingvild and Raúguey appear and start moving east along the balcony. Grendor hurries forward to join Strom.

"The others are coming," says Maro, keeping watch at the pit door.

"Anything in the... Ohwatoo, no!" Durego grabs the mage's shoulder. "Where are you going to send the bat? There's no one in sight."

Ohwatoo pauses with the wand raised, then shrugs. "Perhaps you're right. I'll just keep this handy."

"This hall is still quiet, as far as I can see," says Rawon. "Of course, if you would keep quiet I might *hear* something." As he finishes, the others clatter into the hall, the metallic clash of weapons and arms making it clear that no one will be hearing anything for the moment. Rawon sighs and takes a drink from his ever-present flask.

[Round Five - ?? initiative]

"Do you want to hold this door?" asks Ingvild, looking at Maro and Ohwatoo. Both mages shake their heads.

"Wrong spells," says Maro.

"No point," says Ohwatoo. "There are halls and doors aplenty to the north.

"Let's move," says Durego. "Who knows what waits for us in the summoning room?"

Moving cautiously, the party heads back up the east hall, turns right, and makes their way to the statue room. There's nothing in sight, and with the clatter of swift movement, the rearguard hears no pursuit. They do hear the war horn sound again, its volume diminished by distance.

[Round Six - ?? initiative]

Most of the group crowds into the empty summoning room, and Rawon hands the mirror of eyes to Ohwatoo. "We'll keep watch here," he says, taking position in the hall leading to the summoning room.

"Be quick," adds Mordikarr.

[Round Seven - ?? Initiative]

"What do you see?" asks Durego.

"Nothing yet," grumbles Ohwatoo. "Be quiet and let me look." The mage continues to scan the circle and surrounding pillars, looking for... anything.

In the hall, Rawon whispers, "Mordikarr, cover your light for a moment." With a puzzled look, he does. Rawon gestures across the statue room to the half-open doors on the other side. "Didn't Durego leave a light back there?"

Mordikarr nods. "I no see anything now."

"Maro, tell the others. Something's put out or taken the light Durego left in the hall back there."

"I see nothing here," announces Ohwatoo.

"This is a waste of time," grumbles Raúguey.

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