Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Wilds - Mop Up

Things are looking pretty good for the party, but there are still a few loose ends.

The rest of the battle is short and sweet. Raúguey hacks through the giant lizard's spine, and the beast collapses to the floor, twitching. Grendor and Strom press the kobolds in the pit and quickly hewn down those that stand and fight. When they push into the room, kobolds dart out the other doors, into west hall, and the doors crash shut behind them. Fearing another ambush, the pair doesn't pursue. Instead, they sweep the pit for lingering foes. The room is empty, but they do discover crude camps in each of the corner rooms. "Kobolds have been sleeping here," mutters Strom as he kicks aside a few ragged blankets.

Those keeping watch in the northwest and east halls see no other signs of foes. As the action winds down, a faint horn call sounds, somewhere to the west. Raúguey and Mordikarr check the chamber of pits while the others fan out to peek into nearby rooms, leaving the wounded Maros, Dagmarten and Rawon to hold the crossroads. The searchers find no sign of the enemy. "Looks like they all took off," says Durego.

Grendor and Strom head back up the east hall and rejoin the others, taking a look down cross as they pass. The west doors are closed now, and there is no sign of the enemy, other than the dead trog and lizard stinking up the place. The group gathers to discuss their next step.


There's no sign of the lizard and trog that fled or any other living creature. There's obviously still something alive because you heard the horn call after the immediate foes were slain. Everyone is gathered at the three-way intersection. None of the corpses have been searched beyond a cursory check to make sure they're actually corpses.

4 kobold corpses in the pit
1 lizard corpse in east hall
1 lizard corpse in cross hall
1 trog corpse in cross hall

Raúguey - 13 damage
Maro - 9 damage
Dagmarten - 1 damage

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