Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wilds - Goals and Objections

When Ingvild starts unlocking the next door, Durego shakes his head and moves back down the hall. "Where are you going?" whispers Rawon.

"This is a waste of time and dangerous to boot. I'm going back up to Pillar Hall. We need to get back to what we're here to do." The priest moves past Ohwatoo, who is still watching the pit room, and starts up the ladder.

Meanwhile Maro studies the fountain, trying to determine how the water exits the pool, but he can't see anything obvious. Seeing Durego head upstairs, he nods. "Good, at least someone is on the right track. He moves toward the ladder and waits to see what the others will do. While he waits, he studies the nearby walls, looking for secret doors or passages (but finds nothing).

At the front, Ingvild discovers a catch on the door that leads into the hall. It unlocks the mechanism and the door swings open. The hall beyond is empty, so the thief advances, followed by Raúguey, Mordikarr and a reluctant Dagmarten. Saurabh hovers nervously in the room, and Grendor, Strom and Rawon wait further back to see what develops.

The door on the far side of the hall has a lock similar to the one on the door near the crevice, and Ingvild succeeds in picking this one too. He pulls the door open and slides back and right, allowing Raúguey to lead the way into the space beyond, a 15x20 foot room with a floor and walls of polished gray stone. The arched roof is painted, but whatever image was there is long gone. Another door in the east wall leads further into the dungeon.

Meanwhile, at the rear of the party, Durego has disappeared into the crevice, and Ohwatoo hears his armor clanking off rocks as he climbs onto the floor above. The mage finds himself alone with Maro in the hall above the demon pit, as the others have moved forward. "What should we do?" he asks the elf.

Maro says, "You must decide for yourself. I'm going to head up. No one should be alone here, and I'd rather find the necromancer than continue this pointless exploration." With that, the elf begins to climb the ladder.

Ohwatoo hesitates, and then says, "I'll stay close, keep an ear open and don't wander off!"

Back at the front, the leaders search the empty room, and then Ingvild moves to the next door. He finds no traps, and the stone door is not locked, so he pushes it open when the others are ready. The area beyond is a 10' wide corridor about 25' long that's finished with the same polished gray stone as the previous room. It's lined with stone pillars covered with carved leaves, vines and branches. The hall opens into a 25x25' chamber and several stone benches or pews are scattered around this space (which repeats the gray stone motif). There is a raised dais along the east wall, a heavy stone table or altar upon it. Another passage leads south, and when Ingvild peers around the corner, he can see niches in the walls. A stone sarcophagus sits askew in one of these openings.

Upstairs Maro joins Durego, and the pair do a quick look around to ensure they're alone. There's no sign of activity in the crevice room or Pillar Hall. The pair hunkers down near the ladder, waiting for the others to rejoin them.

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