Monday, September 7, 2015

The Wilds - More Doors

After a little contention, the group finally agrees to some cautious exploration before heading back up the rope ladder for another stab at the necromancer.

Despite protests from several party members (Maro, Durego, Grendor and Strom), Ingvild, Mordikarr, Dagmarten, Saurabh and Raúgey seem intent on further exploration around the pit of horrific creatures. Ohwatoo is on the fence, but he acknowledges that going back up without a little more investigation is a waste of precious time. He agrees to watch the pit from behind a tapestry while the others check the far hall. The minority reluctantly agrees to keep watch.

Mordikarr and Dagmarten, both in quieter leather mail, and Suren head east and then north along the corridor on the far side of the fire pit room. They return in short order. "Two more doors," says Mordikarr.

"One east, one west," adds Dagmarten. "Maybe the west one leads toward this door." He points to the door nearest the crevice. "Can you open this door Ingvild?"

The thief shrugs. "Only one way to find out. I haven't found any traps." He looks down the hall. "Let's open this one and see where it goes. Any movement from our friends, Ohwatoo?"

The mage shakes his head. "All quiet."

"OK, back up a bit. Get some muscle up here, and I'll work on the lock." The thief starts to work as the others shuffle their order in the narrow hall. "Piece of cake," he exclaims as the lock snicks open. A shove shows the door opens out. Raúguey waves Ingvild back and takes point. He pulls the door open and peers through the opening, sword of bees at the ready.

The space beyond is a small square room, 15x15 feet. There's a semicircular fountain next to a passage in the east wall, but nothing else in the plain stone room. The air in here is crisp and fresh. The fountain is decorated with a geometric pattern along the edge and replenished by a thin stream that flows in through a carved fish-shaped spout in the wall. The water is clear, but it emits a faint emerald light.

The passage in the east wall is just 20 feet long. It opens into another 15x15 chamber, empty, which has a door in the east wall. "That must lead back out into the hall," says Dagmarten.

As the others keep watch and check out the far door, Ohwatoo studies the fountain. "There is some enchantment at work here," he announces. "The water seems to be magical."

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