Monday, September 28, 2015

The Wilds - Kobold Ambush

After exploring most of the level without encountering anyone, the party finds themselves engaged with missile using kobolds in the arena-like pit room.

The party is caught unawares by the sudden missile fire from the darkness, but recovers swiftly.

[Round One - Party Initiative]

Ohwatoo prepares a spell!

"It's a trap!" repeats Durego. "They have something in the summoning circle behind us ready to unleash in our rear to block us in. We need to move back to the stairs immediately. Then if we are not blocked, we can fight our way back here. A horde of kobolds will be coming up those stairs behind us any second now!" The cleric retreats to Rawon's position, pulling out a candle enchanted with a light spell as he moves. Saurabh follows Durego, nervously checking his flail.

"There's nothing here, yet!" says Rawon, keeping watch on cross hall.

"Mordikarr, tell them to surrender and we'll let them go! It's only kobolds!" calls Ingvild, but the beastmaster is too far away to be heard by the enemy. He prepares his bow and waits for the others to act.

At the front, Raúguey says, "Come on, we can cut them off! There's no way out of this place if we get to the other door!" He runs across the balcony, noting the double doors leading into the west hall are half open as he reaches the cover offered by the curved wall.

Grendor and Strom exchange looks, then the half-elf shrugs, "I guess we're in it now." Come on! He and Strom follow Raúguey's lead. Ingvild is already in motion across the platform.

Dagmarten and Maro, standing by the south double-doors in east hall, give each other a look. Dagmarten shrugs, and Maro says, "Always rushing in, they're going to get killed one day." He prepares his bow, and Dagmarten readies a sling.

Durego hurls is light-candle up the hall, and it lands at the three-way intersection. There's no sign of movement there. Yet.

Ohwatoo's spell goes off, illuminating half the pit room. From their positions on the balcony, Strom and Raúguey can see kobolds, moving around the pillars in the southwest corner of the room. "Blast!" mutters Strom, crouched behind a bench, "shoulda had a crossbow."

The double doors only allow one person to fire though them so Maro takes a shot with his longbow. Somehow the shot strikes home, and a kobold squawks and falls to the floor!

The rest of the kobolds disappear into the shadows, and everyone can hear the loud *crash* of a slamming door.

[Round Two - Enemy Initiative]

"Come on Ingvild! Strom! Grendor! Let's cut them off!" Raúguey charges around the corner and down the stairs there, only to find the door shut. Heedless of the potential noise he charges, slamming into the iron-bound door. The impact almost stuns the fighter, but the door holds. "Blast it! Locked! Come on Ingvild, open it!"

The thief joins Raúguey and examines the door. Meanwhile, in the hall, the others dither. "We need to move!" hisses Durego.

Mordikarr shakes his head. "Not leaving others behind. What in hall Rawon."

"Nothing so far, but I can't see much. Too much light here, not enough there. Keep quiet, maybe I can hear something."

Grendor and Strom keep their eyes on the doors leading into the pit room. "I don't like this," mutters Grendor. "Who knows what's coming up the stairs." Louder, he says, "Raúguey, Ingvild. We're going to get cut off!"

"Watch my back," says Dagmarten, then he bolts through the doors and west along the balcony, joining Strom and Grendor. "What did you see?" he asks as he arrives.

"Just kobolds so far, but I can't see much through this door, and I don't want to alert anyone in the hall that we're here by opening it further," answers Grendor.

"Divided again," mutters Maro as he watches the pit room from the doorway, another arrow ready.

"Ingvild, what's taking so long with that door!" calls Strom.

"Nothing I can do! It's barred from the inside!" answers the thief.

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