Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Minecraft - Citybuilder Stage One: Complete!

First Settlement
The first stage of my Citybuilder Challenge is now complete. It took more time than I'd hoped, mostly because I was too lazy to upgrade my house while I messed around with the town wall design (you can see it in the background of the image above. Let's check the list.

You can see the wheat farm, all properly fenced, in the image above. What you may not be able to make out is the newly planted potatoes, carrots and pumpkins. I did a little exploration run this morning and found two villages. It's not stealing if you replant their crops, right? Anyhow, plenty of food variety here. Farm requirement, CHECK!
I need a full stack of planks (or the equivalent wood), plus at least five edible items. With a huge wheat farm running, that's no problem. CHECK!

Finally, I need to have a house with a front door, living area, and separate bedroom. I went with a two level approach. You can see the front door in the outdoor shot above. Here are two interior shots.
Downstairs Living Area

The Sleeping Loft
As you can probably tell, I've also swapped out texture packs. There's nothing wrong with the one I was using, but everything had a very smooth finish that wasn't quite working for me. I switched to Ovo's Rustic Redemption, which is closer to what I'm looking for. The workbench and chest interfaces are a bit busy, but the rest looks pretty good. We'll see.

Stage Two

The requirements for the next stage of the classic builder challenge aren't too bad.
"Let us build upon what we have begun."

  • You may use only wooden or stone tools.
  • You cannot use any iron collected for any reason (building, creating items, etc.) however it may be smelted if desired.
  • You may only create/use items which ingredients can be gathered with the allowed tools or your hands (but no iron items, as stated before).
Requirements to advance:

All requirements from previous stages. (except item requirements marked (i))
  • At least 1 stone (or cobble) structure must be constructed.
  • A town hall must be constructed, which must contain:
    • A front door
    • A meeting room
    • A town treasury
    • At least 1 other room (can be empty)
  • Paths must be created linking the town hall to each house
Treasury must contain:

  • (i) 1 stack of cobble/stone per player
  • (i) 10 items of edible food per person
  • At least 1 of each:
    • (i) Stone Sword
    • (i) Stone Pickaxe
    • (i) Stone Shovel
    • (i) Stone Axe
    • (i) Stone Hoe
    • (i) Stack of 64 torches
    • (i) Leather Helmet
Stone tools, YAY! Working with wood tools is soooo slow. Most of the treasury stuff is easy, but it looks like I'll need to gear up for some mining. Remember from the base requirements that I must wear a helmet while underground. Good thing I have a few cows around. I guess I'll build a new house, or maybe a workshop, in addition to the town hall that's needed to advance to stage three.

Here's the next stage report.

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