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Wilds - Wet War

OOC: A general note on conditions: this place is a mess. The water is ankle to shin deep most places, and the pools are waist-deep or more. The ground is thick mud. There are a few boulders that stick up from the water, but it's clear the rains have done a good job flooding this place. The structures you see are made from rough-cut timber and elevated a few feet (on boulders and logs). It looks like the roofs are covered in hides, as are the doorways you can see.

Reminder on the combat sequence:

Declare / start casting.
Roll initiative.
Side 1 move, missiles, spells, melee in order.
Side 2 move, missiles, spells, melee in order.
Go to 1.
You can't start targeted spells if you can't see what you're casting at.

[Round One - Enemy Initiative]

With a bellowing roar, a pair of hunched humanoid creatures lurch out of the nearest hut. They have slick gray-green hides and jutting jaws filled with crooked fangs. If they were standing upright, they'd be close to 10 feet tall. The first starts toward Raúguey, but Strom's distracting shout catches its attention. The second brute pauses for a moment, then it spots Maro. It raises a thick-hafted spear and hurls it! Maro tries to dodge aside, but the rusty steel tip strikes home [6 damage]. The other creature meets Strom half way and jabs at its stubby foe, but the blow goes wide. As the party reacts to this sudden onslaught, they hear the clash of arms and armor from the other nearby hut(s?).

"Grendor! Get your butt over here!" yells Strom, and he attempts to maneuver in front of his trapped companion. He's uncomfortably aware of the fact that there may be more traps around, hidden by the murky water.

"Coming, you sawed-off runt," mutters Grendor, then he adds, "Someone cover the stairs!" The half-elf hops across the exposed boulders along the ruined wall and joins Strom.

"I'll check the stairs!" says Saurabh, as he moves west along the wall, trying to follow Grendor's original path. Most of the others move up using various degrees of caution, maneuvering into position for missile fire. Durego finds his forward progress blocked by Mordikarr, who's taken up a position at the corner of the wall.

Raúguey quickly realizes these creatures aren't Stev, so he keeps quiet, pulls out his invisibility flask, takes a sip, then stows it away again. He turns his attention to the trap, and quickly realizes he's in trouble. The powerful spring mechanism has some kind of ratcheting lock that holds it tight. He'll need at least two pairs of hands to reopen this assuming he's strong enough to depress the spring. "I'm stuck fellas!" he calls to his defenders.

Rawon, Mordikarr, Dagmarten and Ingvild unleash arrows and sling stones, aiming at the creature in front of Strom and Grendor. Ingvild, Rawon and Mordikarr all hit! [11 damage in total].

Grendor and Strom both attack their foe and both score hits. [17 damage in total]. The beast bellows in rage, staggers back half a step, but remains engaged. Durego spots a dark, shaggy head poking out of the other hut. A gnoll?

[Round Two - Enemy Initiative]

Durego begins casting a spell!
Maro begins casting a spell!
Ohwatoo begins casting a spell!

The second brute moves up to join its partner and several shaggy humanoids boil out of the second hut. Three of them move to support their larger, uglier allies, while two duck around the west side of the hut, out of sight! "Someone help Saurabh!" shouts Raúguey when he realizes the gnolls may be headed for the stairway.

The three gnolls hurl spears, two aiming at Maro, one at Rawon. Maro is hit, spoiling his spell! [3 damage]. The two brutes engaged with Grendor and Strom attack, the wounded one stabs at Grendor with its heavy spear, but misses. The other creature attacks Strom with filthy claws and fanged jaws, connecting once with a paw swipe. [10 damage]. "Ack! Didn't your momma teach you wash up before you fight!" shouts Strom when the blow strikes home.

With his spell ruined, Maro heeds Raúguey's warning and moves west to back up Saurabh, who advances to the rubble pile near the head of the stairs. Mordikarr, Rawon, Ingvild and Dagmarten fire missile weapons at the two large foes in front of the fighters. Rawon, Ingvild and Dagmarten all score hits. [6 to brute one, 5 to brute two].

Durego's hold person spell goes off. The cleric wisely aimed at the gnolls, since he was unsure if it would affect the larger foes. Two of the creatures stiffen and fall into the muck, but the third is unaffected. Ohwatoo's magic missile streaks out and strikes the more severely wounded brute [3 damage]. The creature roars and then falls, dead!

Grendor and Strom shift positions and both attack the remaining brute. Both connect with solid blows [19 damage]. Raúguey continues to examine the trap that holds him, hoping to find some way to open the thing.

[Round Three - Enemy Initiative]

Ohwatoo begins to cast a spell!

The last gnoll is unnerved by the death of the brute and his two fallen companions. He turns and bolts, disappearing around the north hut and howling as it goes! A *third* brute exits the hut and moves to engage Grendor. This one is wearing bits and pieces of hide and chain armor. The two brutes attack, both using claws and fangs. Grendor's foe bites down hard on the half-elf [10 damage], and the other scores a claw hit on Strom [4 damage].

Durego realizes the fighters are taking a beating. "Watch where you're shooting!" he calls as he moves forward. Maro joins Saurabh at the rubble pile and unlimbers his bow. Slight movement to the north catches his eye. "Mordikarr! Call Mageta back!" he cries when he sees the giant lynx crouched behind a boulder.

"So much for surprise," mutters Saurabh.

The archers and slingers take their shots, choosing targets as best they can. None hit. "Must be the wind," mutters Rawon.

Ohwatoo's spell goes off and another magic missile strikes the second brute [5 damage].

Grendor and Strom both attack their foes and Strom scores a hit. [7 damage].

A stealthy sound catches Ohwatoo's attention after his spell goes off. He glances over his shoulder and does a double take, "Look out! They're behind us! Kobolds!"



  • Grendor: 10 
  • Raúguey: 7 
  • Strom: 14
  • Brute 2 is wounded.
  • Brute 3 is undamaged.
  • The remaining gnolls are held .At least three gnolls have disappeared to the west, but you can still hear their howls.
  • Kobolds! Yay!

End Date: March 29, afternoon
End Status: No initiative for you!
End Location: Blackpool Maze, Surface

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