Monday, August 10, 2015

Wilds - Mud Show/Blood Show!

The fight continues at the entrance to Blackpool Maze.

[Round Four - Party Initiative]

Durego prepares a spell!

At Ohwatoo's warning call, Mordikarr shrieks and growls at his animal companions, ordering them into position to deal with the kobold threat. He turns and launches an arrow at the nearest, pausing just long enough for Ohwatoo to slog into cover near the wall. [Killing one kobold]. The mage pulls forth the Fang of Bats as he moves, and once safely hidden, calls forth a giant vampire bat, ordering it to attack the kobolds.

"Cover me!" says Ingvild as he slips and slithers toward Raúguey, intent on getting the trapped fighter free. Rawon also moves to assist. As he advances, Ingvild finds another bear trap, but avoids the dangerous jaws as they clang shut! Dagmarten hurls a sling stone at one of the crossbow-armed kobolds; it squeals in pain. [3 damage].

Rawon and Ingvild reach the Raúguey-shaped hole in the mud, and the thief tries to puzzle out the locking mechanism on the trap. Durego casts his cure spell upon Strom. [7 healed, 1 damage to Durego].

Maro and Saurabh crouch in the muck, hidden by a boulder pile. With no obvious targets available, they keep watch on the stairs and an eye on the walls beyond, looking for the gnoll that fled the fight. Mageta turns and leaps to the top of the crumbling wall just to her east and crouches among the loose rubble.

Ava dives to attack a kobold, disappearing behind the wall. Mordikarr's eyes widen and he calls, "There are more kobolds coming!" [Ava misses]. The giant bat flies forward and attacks the wounded kobold, scoring a hit! [It dies].

At the front, Strom and Grendor both focus on the wounded brute, but neither can score a hit. As they attack, pale golden light flows out of Grendor's sword, enveloping the half-elf for a moment. [fully healed].

Several more kobolds round the wall, all armed with crossbows. They fire at Mordikarr, Ohwatoo, Dagmarten, and the bat. Most of the bolts bounce off rocks or miss entirely, but one hits Ohwatoo and another grazes Mordikarr [2 and 1 damage, respectively]

The two brutes attack their foes. Strom is hit with a claw attack and Grendor is bitten. [Strom 11, Grendor 4 damage].

There is no sign of the gnolls that disappeared around the building, yet!

[Round Five - Party Initiative]

Durego starts to cast a spell!

Ingvild and Rawon assist Raúguey and the three finally manage to extract his leg from the nasty trap. [This takes all round].

Mordikarr and Dagmarten attack kobolds with bow and sling, and Ohwatoo joins in with a hurled a dart. Mordikarr manages to wound another kobold. [3 damage]. Durego's cure spell restores Strom (again). [7 healed, 1 damage to Durego]. As the kobolds frantically reload crossbows, Mageta emits a hideous yowl and leaps to engage the nearest foe, and Ava and the bat both attack as well. Mageta sinks her fangs into one kobold, slaying it. The bat finishes off a wounded foe, and Ava claws at another kobold's face. [2 damage], but more remain.

At the front, Grendor and Strom continue to attack the wounded brute. This time both score hits, and their foe roars in pain. [12 damage total].

As Maro and Saurabh keep watch, the sharp-eyed elf catches sight of a gnoll, peeking around the wall. He shouts a warning to the cleric, but before either can react, the creature ducks out of sight and growls something that neither can make out.

The remaining kobolds reload their crossbows and try to take cover, but there's not much to hide behind. The two brutes attack again. This time Grendor is hit with a claw and bite, and Strom is clawed. [15 and 4 damage, respectively] Grendor falls to the ground, unconscious!

[Round Six - Foe Initiative]

"Dagmarten! We need your healing aid!" cries Durego, as he begins to prepare a spell.

The remaining kobolds break and run, seeking shelter behind the nearby wall!

The two remaining brutes focus their efforts on Strom. Amazingly, only a single claw attack strikes home, but it's a doozy. [11 damage]. Dwarf, your life force is running out!

Hearing Durego's call for aid, Dagmarten moves toward the front as the Raúguey-shaped hole in the mud disappears. Rawon and Ingvild switch back to missile weapons and fire at the two brutes. [at a penalty due to rushed shots and avoiding invisible allies]. Neither connects.

Mordikarr and Ohwatoo fire arrows/hurl darts at the fleeing kobolds, and Ohwatoo scores a hit. [2 damage]. Mageta, Ava, and the bat charge in pursuit. Mageta drags a kobold down, and the bat wounds another. [slain, 2 damage]. Before his companions continue their pursuit, Mordikarr orders them to fall back.

Durego's spell goes off and he casts another cure on Strom. [7 healed, 1 damage to Durego].

Strom attacks the wounded brute, but there seem to be three of them now, and he can't connect. Raúguey takes advantage of his invisibility and charges the unwounded creature. His blow connects and the powerful attack inflicts a major wound. [17 damage]. His sudden appearance confuses the brutes, but only for a moment.
Big map is big

"I think they're running!" hisses Maro, gesturing toward the hidden gnolls. "I hear splashing beyond the wall!"


Aside from a brief flash, no one has seen the gnolls that retreated around the hut and wall. The kobolds (one or more alive) are hidden behind the wall.

The two held gnolls are still laying in the water where they fell. One brute is pretty mangled, the other took a hefty blow from Raúguey.


  • Grendor 19 unconscious
  • Strom 15
  • Durego 3
  • Ohwatoo 2
  • Raúguey 7
  • Mordikarr 1
  • Maro 9

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