Monday, August 3, 2015

The Wilds - Oh Snap!

"But we don't know what's in there," says Durego, for the third or fourth time.

"And there's only one way to find out," answers Raúguey, a hint of exasperation in his voice. "They're holed up, and not moving. Maybe there's no one there, or maybe there are guards. With this mud and rain, we're not going to be able to sit out here and watch, and when night comes, they'll find us for sure if they send out patrols. Best hit them fast and hard, before they can react." He looks around the group and sees nods from Grendor, Strom, Ingvild and Maro. Ohwatoo is peering between the reeds, looking at the lake and the ruined tower on the isle, just visible in the mist.

Rawon says, "Listen up. We need to play the rain to our favor. We come in with two archer/scouts out to the flanks and the main group in a single file. We should look like a patrol coming back and it should help obscure the mixed makeup of the group. Now let's get that bless and get moving."

"Assuming they send out patrols," mutters Ohwatoo.

The wood elf glares at the mage, then shrugs and takes another sip from his flask as Durego intones a prayer. He nods when he's done, hefting his mace. The scouts move out front swiftly, approaching the ruined walls from the east, and the others follow in a column, guided by the rough trail (fully submerged in swamp water now) that leads into the largest gap in the east wall. So far, so good. The scouts duck past the outer wall and move up to the inner wall. Peering inside they still see no signs of movement. With a nod and a wave to the others, they advance. Mordikarr skirts the deeper pools on the right, Rawon going left, along the wall, where accumulated rubble has made for slightly drier ground. Raúguey leads the others straight toward the cluster of huts near the center of the complex, wading through shin-deep water. "Someone guard the stair!" he hisses. "If one gets down there, they'll raise the alarm!"

"Got it," says Grendor. He waves to Mordikarr, indicating he's going for the stair, and the beastmaster follows, Ava circling overhead. Mageta darts into a gap in the wall and disappears into the gray shadows there.

Raúguey presses ahead, "Now, we see wha... AHHH!" His words are interrupted by a sudden, loud *SNAP* as the rusted iron jaws of a bear trap slam shut on his leg with crushing force! [7 Damage]. The sudden pain and dragging weight throws the fighter off-balance and he falls flat in the slimy water.

The noise attracts someone or something's attention. There's an interrogative growl from the nearest hut. A massive arm throws aside the hide door and a mottled gray-green head appears. When it spots Raúguey sprawled in the mud, the creature roars and ducks back inside. More noise arises from the big hut as well as one of the smaller structures nearby.
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