Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Wilds - Down and Out in Blackpool

Let's just get into the fight, shall we?

[Round Seven - Foe Initiative]

Dagmarten prepares a spell!

Durego prepares a spell!

As the brutes continue to fight the nearest party members, Mordikarr and Ohwatoo hear a yowl from Mageta and the crash of something falling or closing from the northeast. "No like that," mutters Mordikarr.

The brutes attack Raúguey and Strom, and each fighter is hit by a single claw. [Raúguey 6, Strom 4]. "Ack! Is that the best ye can do!" cries Strom, taunting the nearest brute as he tries to interpose himself between the creatures and Grendor.

With the brutes stationary and the kobolds out of sight, Ohwatoo moves toward the big fight and pulls out his magic missile wand, muttering "Just in case." Mordikarr moves closer to the kobold action to back his animal companions and sends a warning call to Ava and Mageta. He sets Suren to climb the nearby wall, ordering him to growl if he sees kobolds. Ava rises above the wall and circles back over Mordikarr's head, but Mageta remains hidden from sight, a loud MROOOW indicates she is just beyond the wall where the kobolds disappeared.

Meanwhile, Saurabh takes to the air using the Belt of Levitation. Maro shakes his head and tells the cleric he's being foolish, but he can't stop him. The cleric peers over the top of the nearby walls but doesn't see anyone moving. "Need to get higher," he mutters. [note that levitate is only 20' per round movement]. Maro moves southeast, dividing his attention between the cleric and the fight.

Ingvild makes his way west, circling the clerics and the fight. He uses his sword to poke and prod the ground as he moves and ends up near the held gnolls, who still show no signs of moving. "These are mine!" he mutters as he slides his blade into the first downed gnoll's neck.

Maro and Rawon both fire arrows at the two brutes, and Ohwatoo adds a dart. Rawon scores a hit on the brute in front of Strom, the others miss. [3 damage]

Dagmarten and Durego each cast healing spells on Strom and Grendor respectively. [3 and 7 healed]. Grendor blinks awake and just has time to roll aside and avoid being crushed underfoot! He staggers to his feet, half-blinded by mud. Raúguey and Strom press the attack to divert the brutes' attention. Strom misses, but Raúguey connects with his foe. [9 damage]. Both creatures are now sorely wounded.

[Round Eight - Party Initiative, Finally]

Dagmarten prepares a spell!

[Since Ingvild is dispatching the gnolls, I figured Durego would want to reserve his spell]

Worried about Mageta, Mordikarr edges north along the wall, mindful of the traps that may lurk in the water and mud, bow ready. He clambers onto a boulder pile and finally spots Mageta, growling and clawing at the door of another crude wooden structure. The giant bat circles above the building, emitting occasional squeaks of anger as it tries to reach its prey. "Kobolds hide in hut!" calls the beastmaster. Then he calls back Mageta, fearful of potential traps or crossbow shots from windows. Reluctantly the muddy, matted cat moves away and starts to head toward Mordikarr. Suren continues to climb along the wall but hasn't spotted anything of note, yet.

Saurabh rises another 20 feet into the air and spots movement to the west. Gnolls! They're headed NWN through a gap in the wall [the narrow opening just north of the doubled wall on the west side]. "Three gnolls to the west!" he shouts, to warn the others.

"Kind of busy!" answers Raúguey.

The cleric looks in all other directions. In addition to the gnolls, he can see the combatants to the south, and part of the hut to the NE, but nothing else moving. He keeps an eye on the gnolls and continues to rise.

Ingvild hops onto the second gnoll's back and kills it with a quick thrust. A bright red stain spreads around the two corpses as they bleed out into the murky water. "That's for Locky," he mutters as the second one expires.

Durego edges around the back of the fight, following Ingvild's path. He's not happy about engaging these powerful creatures, but he knows Grendor can't withstand another hit.

Rawon, Maro and Ohwatoo pelt the creatures with missiles again, and again, Rawon scores the sole hit. [6 damage]. The creature cries out and falls with a muddy splash!

Dagmarten heals Strom again. [2 healed]

With only a single foe left, Strom, Grendor, Raúguey and Durego half-surround the beast and attack. Strom, Grendor and Durego score hits, [lots] and the creature joins its two friends in the mud!

OOC - seems like a good place to pause. All three brutes are down, and Ingvild finished off the two held gnolls. Mordikarr thinks the remaining kobolds are holed up in the building to the northeast, but he's not sure that's all of them. There are three (at least) gnolls headed west-northwest, possibly toward the stairs, the hut, or just away.


Durego 4
Ohwatoo 2
Raúguey 13
Mordikarr 1
Maro 9
Strom 14
Grendor 12

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