Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PBE Games - New (Mostly) Releases

I really need to set a calendar entry for these. I'm terrible at doing them in a timely fashion. Excuses, excuses. The last update was sometime in June, so there are several things to talk about. On the other hand, my output pace as slowed a bit due to other work, so there's not a huge list. Let's just get on with it.
  • First up is a new Uncommon Ground texture: Weaving. This is an upholstery-like pattern in red, green, blue and yellow variants.
  • Ash Wood is a new sandbox hex for Hexed Places. Years ago a falling star landed in this densely wooded area, starting a fire that burned away much of the forest. The woods have grown back in many places, but the area around the landing site is still a burned and blackened ruin. It's probably nothing.
  • I've also released five new Dungeons in Blue Mega Tiles, numbers 16 to 20. These tiles include a confusing mine complex, two watery cavern complexes, a cave and dungeon complex, and a traditional dungeon that's still under construction. You can get all five of these tiles in the Mega Tile Five Pack #4, or get all twenty Mega Tiles in the Mega Tile Big Deal #1. Both these bundles include discount pricing.

That's it for new released products. Looking ahead, I'll be releasing a couple more Uncommon Ground textures plus several sets of Dungeons in Blue Expansion Tiles. Since the end of the original A to Z tile series I've added a bunch of new corridor and passage styles to Dungeons in Blue. Expansion Tiles are complete tile sets that use all these new features, providing you with even more dungeon-building options. I also have another set of five Mega Tiles in the queue, plus more Hexed Places and One Page products lurking in the background.

That about wraps things up. Here are a few images of new and future products to whet your dungeon appetite. Thanks, as always, for reading. Happy gaming.

Mega Tile Sixteen - One-third scale preview
Mega Tile Nineteen - One-third scale preview
Expansion Pack B - One-third scale preview

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