Monday, July 13, 2015

The Wilds - Out and Aboot

Finally! We're back on the road and badder than ever! It took a while to get the group organized and get past the winter doldrums (which were actually work and summer vacation related). Now we're moving! We're also on the 240th turn of this game. That's... a LOT of turns.

Start Date: March 19, Year of the Honey Bee
Start Status: Departure
Start Location: The Lodge

The Turn

[March 19] The party departs the lodge after a long night of preparation and packing. The weather is cool and hazy, a welcome change from recent heavy rains. The group heads down the muddy track that follows the banks of the flooded stream, making slow progress. The pace improves a bit as they turn west along the main road and reach the bridge about midday. After paying their toll, the group heads through New Town, drawing some curious looks from those working on the palisade.

West of town the ground is drier, and the group follows the remnants of the roadthrough the old ruins. Rawon notes signs of mules and carts, and many of the stone foundations that were here have been torn down and removed, no doubt used to build new structures in New Town. There are also several fire pits showing recent use, and many human-sized boot prints too. The group continues west along the old road, camping a few miles beyond the old ruin.

[March 20] The weather holds but as the day continues, the wind picks up, promising rain in the next day or two. The group makes good time, passing the ruined church (untouched by stone scavengers, so far), and camps in the grasslands beyond. The animals are able to graze on new grass, and the party settles into the camping routine.

[March 21] The rain misses the party, and they make good time today, pausing at midday to pay respects at the marked tree and UrĂºvion's grave site. Evening sees the group camping on the east edge of the heavy woods southeast of Vostat's shrine.

[March 22] The next day is hot for early spring, and the group welcomes the cool shade of the dense woods. That afternoon is less pleasant, with hazy humidity building and cover scant. The group passes Vostat's shrine and Mordikarr notes booted tracks, human-sized, around the shrine and the hidden well there. The tracks are old, and it's impossible to say which way they arrived or departed. The group camps in the grasslands five or six miles east of Needle Spire at the edge of the old roadway.

End Date: March 22
End Status: On the Edge
End Location: East of Needle Spire

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