Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Wilds - Mostly OOC

This is just a brief interim turn to cover some administrative stuff. The party has their plan worked out, but there are still some supply issues to finalize. Next week should see a return to the usual bi-weekly wilderness and dungeon crawling.

The party spends a day putting their new lodging into order and discussing the various hirelings they've interviewed. They settle on the following people as guards for the mules and to take care of the lodge while they're on the road:

  • Ilasini the wood elf will take care of the lodge and grounds.
  • Azer the old Hasuden woman will take care of housework and cooking.
  • Saxet the Hasuden refugee, Frakki the Toresden mercenary, and Skorri the dwarf as guards.

The group purchases gear and supplies needed to ensure the new hires can accomplish their jobs and have supplies on hand at the lodge.

  • Equipment costs: 200 GP (per previous mail and using existing supplies)
  • Cash for three months of supplies for lodge: 72 GP
  • Three months pay for lodge staff: 45 GP
  • Incidental funds for lodge (given to Ilasini/Azer): 25 GP
  • Secured in lodge vault: 450 GP

Total: 792 GP

Remaining group funds: 14086 GP (we can split after the upcoming supply purchases).

The proposed year's pay in advance is kind of ridiculous. That's longer than this entire campaign has been running.

Rawon tests out the levitation belt and finds that it becomes attuned after wearing it for several hours. Levitating movement is easy to control, but firing a bow is a challenge. Each shot taken is less stable than the previous (-1 to hit, cumulative, after the first shot. Spend 1 round to stabilize). Sword play is worse (-2 to hit. same conditions).

Durego tests out the earring on Strom and Ra├║guey after they return from a sparring match battered and bruised. The ring provides maximum healing benefit, but costs the caster 1 HP for a cure light wounds spell. After testing it out, Durego discovers the earring will not release its grip upon his ear lobe. Guess we know who uses that item.

With guards, staff and party members in the house, it's crowded. Ilasini gets to work cleaning up the downed trees around the lodge and often spends the night outdoors. Azer proves to be a decent cook.

As the group begins to lay in supplies for the upcoming trip, they discover that New Town is barely able to provide the supplies they need. It takes a trip to Auslaug to get sufficient dried food and grain for the long trip ahead. After several days preparation the party is ready to head back out to Blackpool Maze. This time, the necromancer will fall.

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