Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wilds - R&R

Back in town, the party takes care of business. It was a profitable, if costly, trip, and quite a few characters gained a level. Most of the group is 4th level now. The loss of Jonquil, Tesso and Gorvil has inspired Saurabh. He has asked to join the group as a full-fledged adventurer, leaving behind his hireling role.

The party is giving serious thought to holing up in town for the remainder of the winter. None of them see the appeal of spending January and February out in the ice and snow.

Start Date: December 11, Year of the Badger, dusk
Start Status: Rest
Start Location: Auslaug

The Turn

The party heads into town in search of lodgings. The first stop is a stable for the animals. They find one just off the New Road with a pair of horseshoes on its sign. The owner is happy for the business, and since there is space, he agrees to lock up the party's mundane gear, tack, harness, extra feed, tents and such, in a spare storeroom. He even agrees to let Mordikarr spend the night in the loft with his menagerie after the beastmaster calms a stallion in one of the stalls, disturbed by the new arrivals. With the beasts settled and Mordikarr near at hand, the others head for the Green Hills, assuring Mordikarr that someone will spell him as soon as the group is settled.

The inn is busy, but the group manages to take over the largest shared room in the place by agreeing to pay for better rooms for the two travelers already there. They store goods and set up a watch, bath and meal rotation. The beds are not the best, but they're beds, and the food and drink is adequate. Maro relieves Mordikarr in the barn so he can bathe, eat and drink in civilized surroundings.

Refreshed and refilled, the party retires for the night.

The next few days are spent dealing with treasure and trying to identify magic items. Some of the items are fairly easy to get rid of, furs, spices, gold and silver links, and the lesser bits of jewelry. The more expensive pieces prove more time-consuming, but eventually, between Kramo, the new jeweler and the owner of The Lucky Crow (she buys the tray and goblets, gold mail and gold chalice), you liquidate the lot, leaving the gems to be divided among party members.

While that's going on, Maro and Ohwatoo take turns identifying the new magic items. This is a tedious process due to the draining nature of the spell, and those watching over the resting mages grumble a bit about the boring duty. During these slow days, both Durego and Strom note that the lassitude that gripped them during the battle with the shades lingers. Neither has their usual energy, and Durego has difficulty concentrating on his nightly readings.

[December 14] A wet and miserable day. The skies opened last night, dumping a mix of sleet and rain on the town. Everyone is glad to be under a roof. The party regroups to review and discuss treasure.


Treasure - After all is said and done, this is the treasure remaining.

  • Coin of the realm: 13,100 GP
  • 32x 100 GP gems
  • 1x 500 GP gem

Total value: 16,800 GP

I've knocked 40 GP off the group treasury to cover stables, room and board through this turn.

Magic Items - This is the information discovered thus far.

Mask (Maro) (purple)
  • No information gained
Plate armor (Ohwatoo) (blue)
  • Good defensive protection
  • Has a reflective or repulsive property
Battle axe (Maro) (red)
  • No information gained
Straight-bladed sword (Ohwatoo) (red / yellow)
  • Good accuracy and damage enhancement
  • Form alteration (maybe of the wielder)
Golden earring (Maro) (green)
  • Maro is terrible at Identify
Blue rope-like belt (Ohwatoo) (pale orange)
  • Personal enhancement
  • Amplification
End Date: December 14, Evening
End Status: Winter Wonderland
End Location: Auslaug


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