Friday, May 8, 2015

Tile of the Week #75

Here is today's Tile of the Week entry. This is the second of four quarter-sized, dead-end tiles, each with a different connecting passage type. This is a typical 10-foot hall that ends in a couple of small rooms.

Tile 75 - Player version

All Tile of the Week images are free for private use. You can download the images above using right-click / save as. Each tile is a 100px per five-foot square image, sized for compatibility with Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. The entire Tile of the Week Collection is also available as a pay what you want bundle if you're feeling lazy.


  1. Should the player versions have the secret rooms at all?

  2. Well, in my opinion, yes. :) I work under the assumption that the GM will be using some sort of fog of war to cover the unexplored areas. With the floors included they can just uncover the area and scribble a quick S for the door. If the floors weren't included, the GM would have to draw the room if the door is discovered. Either method has advantages and disadvantages.


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