Monday, April 27, 2015

Wilds - [Insert Title Here]

As the others move around the pit, some east, some south, Durego casts a spell (find traps). Rawon waits at the edge of the trap while Maro keeps watch on the north passage at the rear of the group.

The chamber to the east is a dead end. There is a single green marble sarcophagus sealed with the now familiar lead bands, and a single word is engraved on its top, PROTECTOR. This is written in the common tongue, but the spelling is non-standard.

"Leave it. We can search later," says Durego as he follows the bulk of the party south. The passage west is another burial chamber, containing two granite sarcophagi sealed with bands that are more rust than iron. As with other areas the party has come through, the dust on the floor is disturbed, indicating someone or something comes through here with some regularity. There's been no repeat of the shriek.

South of the west chamber, the passage ends in double doors. The party returns to some semblance of its usual order and opens them, revealing an east-west hallway beyond. There is a statue, a sour-faced man in priest's garb, just beyond the door. To the west, the passage joins up with the previously explored area. To the east, it opens out into a larger space.

Cold air pours out of the doorway like a living thing, and it takes an effort of will not to turn and run. Pale violet light fills the far end of the room, illuminating a shadowy black figure standing before an altar on a dais. There are three indistinct shapes, five or six feet long, a couple feet wide, laying on the floor at the shade's feet. Streaming bands of energy swirl between the standing figure and the three objects. The dim illumination reveals balconies north and south of the altar, but it's too dark to see any detail.

The figure itself looks much like the shade you fought before, except for the swirling ribbons of pale purple light streaming out of it.

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