Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wilds - Turn About

As the others debate where to go next, Raúguey takes an interest in the statues while Strom Maro,
Ingvild, and Ohwatoo examine the open sarcophagus.

The statues are big and bulky, eight feet tall and mounted on thick stone bases. The streaked white and yellow stone has a slightly sandy feel to it, a dull finish that seems intentional rather than an indicator of age or wear. Try as he might, Raúguey cannot shift them at all. "Maybe they're attached somehow," suggests Rawon, still maintaining watch near the entry.

The big guy nods and continues his examination of the statues and the niches around them. Finally, finding nothing, he calls, "Where next?"

The have thoroughly checked the open black stone sarcophagus. The flat stone pedestal seems to be solid, and no traps are apparent anywhere. The rotted cloth lines the interior. It is stained with the outline of a rotten corpse and still stinks of death. A marble-tipped wooden scepter or rod, once painted, now peeling and faded, is tucked into a fold of decaying cloth. A simple gold circlet, a gold tray, and several small wine goblets are piled up near the foot of the box. "That's worth a fair penny," says Strom. Before anyone can stop him, the dwarf has picked up the circlet. "Nice workmanship, but I don't recognize the maker." He studies the tray and goblet with the same result. "Well lads, at least we cover the cost of food and drink for our next trip."

"Pack it up, let's go," says Grendor.


The half-elf shakes his head. "Back to the north doors. Let's make sure nothing will cut us off from the exit before we go in deeper."

Ingvild nods agreement and the group reorders itself. The north double doors are much like the others, plain stone panels without locks. After checking for traps, Ingvild pushes them open, revealing a short hall that splits east and west. Another statue, this one of a stout woman in chain armor holding a war hammer and shield, guards the intersection.

"I don't like all these statues," mutters Raúguey. "The eyes, they watch you."

"Just an illusion," says Ohwatoo. "The results of exceptional craftsmanship, nothing more."

Raúguey checks the statue while the others check the hallways east and west. West ends in a 25 x 25 foot chamber, empty and dusty. "No sign that anything has come or gone here," says Maro.

East is a different story. The short hall ends in double doors, and there is a chamber to the north, three more sarcophagi within. These simple boxes are made from the same white and yellow stone as the statues. There are no lead bands on these, but the edges of the lids are sealed with something black, like pitch or tar. The chamber itself is plain, cut from native stone. A pattern of upright swords has been carved into the walls. The dust in here has been disturbed and mussed by many footprints, again, too confused to make out any pattern or detail.

Ohwatoo, Ingvild and Strom check the area for magic and traps while the others maintain watch. They find nothing. Raúguey notes that this statue is like the others: heavy and immobile.

Meanwhile, outside with the mules, Saurabh, Mordikarr and Dagmarten maintain an uneasy watch. From time to time Mageta pops out of the trees, purring or growling tidbits of information to Mordikarr. She finds no other creatures or structures in the area, but Mordikarr notes she stays well away from the ring of pillars and the pool within. "Cat smarter than people," he mutters, half to himself.

OOC: Strom estimates the circlet is worth 500 GP, the tray 250 GP, and the four goblets 100 GP each.

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