Monday, April 6, 2015

Wilds - Tomb-inated

The group continues to explore the underground complex they've discovered in hopes of finding their lost, dead companions.

After checking over the sarcophagus in the front room (non-magical and no traps), the party heads south, leaving the closed open doors to the north alone, for the moment. The first passage to the east extends about 20 feet before ending in double stone doors. The west passage opens into a 20 x 20 foot chamber. It has walls and floors of dark, polished stone, but there's nothing in the room.

Further south, the passage ends in another pair of stone doors. There's another 20 x 20 chamber to the west. It's finished in the same polished stone as the empty room just to the north, but it contains a sarcophagus made from white marble with tarnished metal trim (silver maybe). Lead bands marked with the same seal / symbol seal the lid. Ohwatoo and Ingvild check it out, and report the same findings, no traps, no magic. "Leave it for later," says Ra├║guey. "We can loot later. I don't like all these corridors and doors and rooms. Easy to get lost or turned around in here."

"We're only 100 feet from the entrance," says Strom. "You can even see daylight back there. Let's check these doors out." The dwarf gestures at the south doorway. The dust on the floors here, as everywhere (even the empty rooms) has been disturbed with some regularity. Ingvild checks the doors for traps, then pushes them open using his sword. Hinges squeal as the doors swing wide.

There is a statue just beyond the doors, a bulky male figure in robes. A 20-foot passage east ends in another set of double doors. A very short passage south ends in a 25 x 25 foot chamber with three sarcophagi, all made from dull black stone. Two are sealed as the others were, but the third sarcophagus, the one on the west wall, is open, its lid lies broken on the floor. From the doorway, it appears to be empty.

"Odd that only one of these has been opened," says Ohwatoo. "I wonder why?"

"Maybe something broke the seals? You can still see them on the lid," answers Grendor. Looking back at the others the half-elf describes what the front rank sees, then asks for an opinion on what to do next.
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