Monday, April 20, 2015

Wilds - So Cold

Sorely wounded, the party regroups and immediately decides a retreat is in order. Those affected by the chilling aura try to warm themselves while the others gather their arrows and darts. Strom reaches into pale Durego's pack and pulls out the kettle. "Let's make use of this quickly, then get moving!"


Durego uses a cure upon himself, 5 healed. Strom distributes broth to the most wounded and Durego to see if it will have any effect on his persisting weakness. Durego healed 2 points, Raúguey, Ingvild and Grendor, 1 point each.

With basic healing taken care of, the party reforms and heads back to the entrance. West first, along the hall, then south, through the double doors. As the front of the party turns west out the entry tunnel, chill air swirls out of the southern passage. "Beware!" shouts Maro, closest to the three-way intersection [at the hawk-faced man's statue].

A black shape with glowing purple eyes emerges from the shadows in the south hall. Without hesitation, Durego stands forth, holding up his holy symbol and chanting a prayer! The creature emits a sorrowful shriek, turns and flees down the south hallway! When it's gone, Durego blinks and slumps a bit. Grendor moves to help him. "Well done!" he says as he supports the sagging priest.

"Well done indeed," says Maro, keeping a careful watch on the south hall. "Keep moving. Let's put sun and distance between us and this foul place."

The party exits the crypt complex and meets up with the others without further incident. A hasty conference produces a plan. Head back southeast to where the group crossed the old roadway and then turn northeast. Hopefully, the old road bed will make for easier going.

The way is tough, but the party reaches the scattered stones that marks the old roadbed without incident. The way northeast isn't much better. The roadway is almost nonexistent here, just a slightly leveled track and a few scattered stones. However, it does provide guidance, so the scouts can focus on watching for trouble. The group makes about eight miles northeast; then the road turns straight east. "I wager it connects up with the remnants we spotted before," says Ohwatoo. The others agree. The group makes another mile before nightfall and fatigue forces a stop. The party makes a dry and quiet camp in a small clearing off the road. Luckily, they crossed a small stream on the way, so their water barrels are full.

Before settling in for the night, Saurabh, Dagmarten and Durego use their cure spells and the last dose of kettle broth to assist the wounded. The watchers are nervous, but the night passes without incident. The next day dawns cloudy and warmer than average.


Strom: 6 damage [unlucky] Durego, Raúguey, Ingvild: 1 damage each

Spell casters, please pick new spells.

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