Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wilds - The Icy Hand of...

Faced with a shadowy undead creature, the party reacts swiftly.

[Round One - Party Initiative]

Those nearest the creature, Strom, Raúguey, Grendor and Ingvild shuffle positions, preparing for the creature's attack. As they move, a bitter chill invades their flesh, slowing movement and weakening grips on weapons. Before the warriors can act, Durego steps forward, "Begone foul spirit, in the name of Erlinga, and the One!"

The wraith-like figure pauses with a hiss, turning its glowing eyes toward the cleric.

"Now!" cries Raúguey, attacking with the sword of bees. Strom shouts and bangs his shield, hoping to distract the creature, while Grendor, using Jonquil's magical spear, advances. [There's only space for three people to engage. Durego, Raúguey and Grendor have first honors. Durego used his action to turn undead]. Raúguey's blow goes wide, but Grendor scores a hit, stabbing the creature in the torso [4 Damage]. Ingvild stays where he is; the tight space is simply too crowded with swinging swords, spears and maces. In the east chamber, Maro, Rawon, and Ohwatoo have no clear line of sight. They exchange worried looks, suddenly aware that they are cut off from the exit. Ohwatoo and Maro move to cover the doorway while Rawon begins looking for secret doors or passages in earnest.

The icy aura surrounding the creature chills flesh and bone [4 damage to Durego, Strom, Raúguey, 2 damage to Grendor, Ingvild]. The shade reaches for Durego with an insubstantial hand and manages to touch the cleric's arm. Frost forms on his armor as his mind goes numb. [4 damage, brain hurts].

[Round Two - Party Initiative]

"Pull back and make space!" Durego staggers back a few paces, trying to draw the creature into the east-west hall so others can attack. With the shade on top of him, he has no chance to cast a spell. Raúguey and Grendor shift with the priest, hoping to make room for Ingvild, armed with the glowing yellow sword, to get into the fight. Strom remains noisy and distracting, but without much apparent effect.

"Rawon! Bow, now!" calls Maro as the creature advances on the fighters. The two elves fire silvery arrows at the creature. Both curse as their shots go wide.

"Hold it there!" calls Ohwatoo hurling a dart. [also a miss - he'll be able to cast at a visible target next round].

The fighters at the front, joined by Ingvild, all attack the creature. The thief and Grendor manage to score hits.[5 and 6 damage respectively]. It wails as the attacks strike home, but continues to attack Durego, while its chilling aura saps the others' strength. It cannot connect with the cleric, but the cold damages those nearby [2 damage to Strom, Durego, Raúguey, and Grendor, 4 to Ingvild]. Durego staggers as the creature touches him again [1 damage, weakened. 1 damage each to all the nearby party members].

[Round Three - Foe Initiative]

Ohwatoo begins to cast a spell! Maro begins to cast a spell!

The creature continues its assault on the priest and its aura chills the nearby fighters. [Aura damage 2 to Durego, Raúguey, Strom, 4 to Grendor, Ingvild].

Magic missiles streak from Maro and Ohwatoo and strike home. [8 damage total]. The creature emits a horrific shriek as it disintegrates, leaving behind a hazy cloud of foul-smelling air.

Durego groans and sags against the wall, while the others gather around. "Are you OK?" asks Grendor.

The cleric shakes his head. "I... feel strange, weak and... something's not right."

"Shh," hisses Maro. "Listen!"

There is a shriek in the distance, a faint sound that barely carries through the southern doors and walls. It sounds quite familiar.

End Date: November 25, early afternoon
End Status: So cold
End Location: Pillar Vale, The Wilds

Damage (mostly from the aura):

14 Durego (he also feels weak and confused)
9 Raúguey
11 Ingvild
9 Strom
9 Grendor

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