Friday, April 24, 2015

Wilds - Back with a Plan

After a night's rest, the group is ready to head back to the crypts, better prepared for their chilling foes.

After some preparation and planning, the party returns to Pillar Vale. They expect to face at least one more of the chilling wraiths they faced yesterday, but this time they're ready. The priests have prepared protective spells, and the fighters have a strategy in mind. The elves lend Strom their magical sword, hoping it will affect the undead creatures. On the way back to the bowl-like valley, the dwarf tries out one of Granny's healing potions, and he feels a tiny bit better by the time the party gets to the entrance [1 HP recovered]. Mordikarr watches from the undergrowth as the party reaches the entrance and the priests cast their defensive spells. [No one else volunteered to stay with the mules]

Once inside, the party moves quickly but cautiously, north, then east. The area they go through seems undisturbed since their last visit. The only thing remaining of the creature they defeated yesterday is a faint trace of magical energy that Ohwatoo can barely detect. Ingvild wastes no time; he checks the southern doors, and when he gives the all clear Raúguey and Strom pull them open.

The space beyond is a hall running south. An opening west opens into a 25x30 foot granite-walled chamber containing two smashed sarcophagi. Disturbed dust is layered over everything in the room, indicating they were broken long ago. Further south, the passage splits into a four-way intersection marked with a statue, a woman in full armor holding a sword. As the front pair moves forward to check the intersection, there is a muffled >click<, and the floor drops away beneath them! Raúguey manages to avoid the pit, but Strom falls, crashing into the hard stone floor below. [3 damage, the pit is about 10 feet deep].

As Raúguey and Grendor move to help the dwarf out of the pit, Maro raises a hand, "Listen!" In the ensuing silence, all can hear the thin wail, muffled by distance and intervening structure.

"They know we're here. Hurry!" says Dagmarten.

Grendor extends the spear he carries into the pit. "Grab on! Raúguey, help me!" The pair use the spear as an improvised rope and quickly get the dwarf up and out. The pit remains open, blocking access to the statue, but there is a two- or three-foot wide ledge around the perimeter of the intersection.

"What now?" says Durego. "Wait here to see if they come, or press on?"

OOC: The party is north of the pit, in the hallway. There's no sign of any foes, yet.

Raúguey, Durego and Rawon are protected by resist cold. [5T left] The entire party is blessed. [5T left] I was unsure if Maro was casing protection from evil before entering the crypt.

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