Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Wilds - Crossroads is Under Attack!

"Be careful," says Dagmarten as he, Mordikarr, and Saurabh watch the others move toward the bowl, scouts in the lead. Ingvild nods, then he and Rawon start their careful descent. The pair circles the entire rim, then circles down, checking each of the doorways as they go. Once at the bottom they check the pool, and Ingvild tests the liquid with a branch. The pair returns to the rim, and the others gather near one of the big stone pillars.

"Well it's water, but that pool is strange. It looks clear, but you can't see the bottom. Everything just fades away," says Rawon.

"I tossed a pebble in and it just vanished," adds Ingvild.

"What about the doors? Mah butterfly says we go east," says Strom.

"The north and west tunnels are dead ends. The roof and walls have collapsed."

"Any writing?" asks Maro.

Rawon shakes his head. "Not that we saw. And south is probably a bust. It looks like it wasn't finished. No tracks anywhere either. I don't think we'll find Tesso and the others here."

"See, the butterfly knows!"

"East, there's a stone door in there, about 10 or 15 feet in."

"Let's check all the other tunnels first, if they're dead ends, they're no threat. Then we can focus on Strom's east tunnel," suggests Grendor.

Everyone is agreeable, and they move to make it so, Grendor and Strom in the lead, followed by Ingvild and Raúguey. Fallen earth and rock completely block the north and west passages. The south doorway leads to a rough-cut passage leading straight into the ground. The low ceiling and narrow walls are supported here and there by dried-out timbers. "Down slope here," mutters the dwarf. "And old work. No one has touched this stone in a long time." The passage ends in a pile of rubble. East it is.

At the entry, Durego calls the group together and casts a bless spell. "Just in case," he mutters.

The group advances to the doors, stumbling over the tilted and loose flagstones that cover the entry area's floor. The two heavy stone panels open inward, and both are ajar. Ingvild gives the doors a once over, then nods. Grendor and Strom advance and shove the panels open, weapons ready.

"Wait!" hisses Ingvild as the pair prepares to advance into the dark hallway. The thief stoops and studies the floor inside the doors. "Something has gone through here, but I can't say what. It's all scuffed up. Maybe they are here."

"Let's find out," growls Strom. He advances, looking first left, into a side chamber, then ahead to a T intersection marked by a statue, a tall hawk-faced man with straight hair dressed in lightweight mail.

"Complicated place," says Grendor as he looks south. The passage out of sight with side tunnels east and west. Another statue, this one of a young woman in robes, stands in another wall niche.

"There's a sarcophagus in here," says Raúguey from the first side chamber.

"Any footprints?" asks Rawon.

"Aye, leading away both north and south from this intersection," says Ingvild. "Lots of them."

OOC: The statues are made from the same stone as the pillars outside. The sarcophagus is made from common gray granite. There are four lead seals spaced around the edge. Each is marked with a symbol that looks very much like the gold disks you found on the bug men.

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