Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wilds - Grave Duty

After the tension of the ambush, and the sudden loss of the camp guards, the party has little motivation to move. The scouts, Rawon and Mordikarr, are exhausted, the rest of the party variously tired, grief-stricken or angry. No one is in a mood to move, despite the potential threat of bug men looking for their dead companions. The group sets watch and settles in to wait out the rest of the day and night. "We'll decide in the morning," is all Ohwatoo says after Ra├║guey grumbles about a plan.

After a quiet night's rest, with no sign of bug men, the party is on the move early with the mules in tow. They head back to the so-called 'death camp' to recover the bodies of the fallen and investigate further. It takes close to two hours to get there.

"Where are they?" asks Durego.

"Tesso was right here," answers Rawon, gesturing at a spot a short distance from the cold fire pit. "And Jonquil was there."

"Gorvil was here," adds Mordikarr, pointing to a spot near where the mules were tied up.

The bodies are gone.

"Stay back, let the scouts see if they can figure out what happened," says Maro.

Dagmarten slaps Ingvild on the back, "We'll sweep the perimeter. Keep your eyes open. Whatever did this may be close."

The scouts think there are signs that something was here, fresher than their own tracks from yesterday, but what exactly is hard to say. Ingvild and Dagmarten find a trail leading away west, possibly booted feet, but only a few sets. "Three or four, no more," says Dagmarten.

"There was magic here," says Ohwatoo, after studying the spots where the bodies were. "It is faint, and fading, but definite traces of power."

"So someone came and took them?" asks Saurabh.

"Did they?" mutters Durego. "Or did they leave on their own?"

Grendor stares at the cleric. "That's a cheerful thought," he mutters, testing the edge of his blade.
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