Monday, March 16, 2015

The Wilds - Execute!

The bat and the well-laid ambush work, the spider things are caught completely by surprise!

[Surprise Round]

Durego and Maro begin casting spells!

Ohwatoo maintains focus on the bat as it swoops to attack, Grendor and Strom leap from cover and advance to engage with the nearest bug thing. Ingvild creeps out of his hiding spot and moves closer to the creatures.

Mordikarr, Raúguey, Rawon and Dagmarten all fire missile weapons at the creatures. Ingvild curses under his breath, "Too far away," and fires a sling shot as well. Only Dagmarten scores a hit, and his glowing sling stone lights up the clearing [3 damage]. Saurabh hovers in the backfield, near Durego, unsure where to contribute.

Maro's magic missile streaks forth, striking the foremost creature [3 damage]. Durego's spell goes off, and bless surrounds Durego and his allies [Maro, Saurabh, Durego, Ohwatoo affected].

The two fighters attack the front creature, Grendor high, Strom low. Both score impressive hits, [7 and 5 damage], and the creature falls, gushing black ichor. The bat, swoops in and bites at the unwounded creature, also scoring a hit [5 damage].

[Round One - Party Initiative]

Ohwatoo and Durego begin to cast spells!

Raúguey bursts from cover and charges the remaining creatures, sword at the ready. As he does, the missile users, Mordikarr, Rawon, Dagmarten, Saurabh, and Ingvild, fire another round at the two targets. Only Rawon scores a hit [7 damage].

Ohwatoo's magic missile strikes one of the targets [4 damage]. Durego casts his hold person, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Strom, Grendor and the bat all strike at one of the two remaining creatures. Strom slashes the thing, the others miss [3 Damage]. Raúguey arrives and swings at the other creature, cutting it in half! [14 damage]. Both creatures fall, dead.

Raúguey whirls, ready to face a new foe. "Easy there big fella!" says Strom. "Looks like we got em all."

"That was easy!" exclaims Ingvild.

"Sometimes the plan works," says Dagmarten, retrieving his light stone and wiping it clean on the dried out grass of the little clearing. "Let's search them and get moving. Best not to linger here, in case they send out a search party."

Each of the creatures wears a crude leather harness that seems to do little more than hold sheathes for their weapons. What you took for blades are actually more like short spears. The workmanship is crude, wooden shafts with ancient steel heads, pitted with rust and stained with blood. "These creatures didn't make those, that's for sure. Must have scavenged them from the ruin," says Ohwatoo.

"Well lookie here!" says Ingvild, holding up a length of gleaming gold. "This one was wearing this around its neck.

"This one too," says Grendor, holding out a similar chain, this one with both silver and gold links. In fact, all three creatures are wearing chains of links strung on lengths of leather.

"Let me see one of those," says Ohwatoo. He peers at the gold links. "I wonder what these were before the bug men strung them as jewelry. They look the right size to be coins, but who uses coins like these?"


There are about 180 gold, 90 silver links on the three chains. There are also six of the crude spears. The creatures were carrying a fresh deer kill, apparently stabbed to death by spears.
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