Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PBE Games - Latest Releases

Here's a quick update on the latest PBE Games releases, which include some new Dungeons in Blue geomorphs, a pair of Uncommon Ground textures, and a new Hexed Places sandbox locale. Short and sweet:
  • Uncommon Ground Stonerash and Radiated are two stone-like textures. The
    first is fairly normal looking, the second includes some unnatural color
  • There are three new sets of Dungeons in Blue geomorphs up. The tiles in
    the Big Time series (One, Two, and Three) all include at least one
    oversize hallway or cavern. All three sets are available at a discount in
    the Big Time Pack too. I've also grouped up a bunch of random one-off tile
    sets into the More Parts and Pieces Bundle. This package includes seven
    previously released tile sets.
  • Two Fang Gap, a Hexed Places sandbox locale, is also out. This
    mixed-terrain, six-mile hex is split by a deep river. You could swim, or
    maybe, risk crossing the gargoyle-guarded bridge.
Here are a couple samples from the above:
Big Time One - Preview
Uncommon Ground - Radiated
I've also done a fairly broad strokes discount pass over all my older products, so if you have anything from PBE Games on your wish list, you may want to take a peek and see if it's been reduced.

Like I said, short and sweet. Thanks, as always for checking out the stuff I post up here. Happy gaming!

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