Monday, February 9, 2015

The Wilds - Stuck Up

The party split up, with three members trying to convince mutant-giant Stev to help the party. With a threat to the main group, everyone reunites in chaos...

[Round 5 - Party Initiative (finally)]

Durego begins to cast a spell.
Ohwatoo begins to cast a spell.
Dagmarten begins to cast a spell.

Ingvild shouts as he struggles to free himself from the webs that hold him. "STEV!! Your new friends need your help! Two bug men are dead, one more is hurt. COME OUT! Help us get rid of the bug mens for good!"

"Yes, Stev! Come help! Then we play many game with Stev!" Mordikarr yanks at the thick strands that coat him. On his shoulder, Suren twists and snarls, trying to break free as well.

Raúguey tries to pull out his potion and drink it, but his pouch is webbed shut, so he tries to bull his way out of the webs instead. Ingvild and Mordikarr manage to break free, but Raúguey is stuck fast. The freed pair grab the fighter and assist in pulling him loose. All three end up sticky, but free, beside the portcullis gate. Suren dangles from Mordikarr's shoulder, completely enshrouded in sticky gunk. [breaking free takes the entire round]

Grendor assists Strom, who breaks out of the webs holding him with ease (these webs are less dense than those in the main room). The pair stumble back a few paces in the portcullis hallway.

Rawon spots an opening and fires an arrow at the remaining spider (he cannot see the figures in the depths of the room). The shot strikes home, a palpable hit! [8 damage, 2nd silver arrow used]

Durego cures Strom, and Dagmarten cures himself [3, and 7 respectively]. Ohwatoo's mirror images appear [2].

Maro attacks the spider with ElfSword, but the blow glances off the creature's leathery hide.

At the entrance, Saurabh mutters, "What to do, what to do?" under his breath. His eyes dart from shadowy tunnel to rocky cliff face to nearby trees.

The three creatures [you can see they are not spiders, but they do have too many limbs for humans], make a series of hissing and clicking sounds as all three retreat through the double doors. One twists its abdomen forward, spraying more webs toward the group, then the other two slam the doors closed. The spider reacts to the hissing calls. It backs away from Maro, fangs showing, then turns and scurries toward the single door in the southeast wall that is still open. It moves across the webs without issue, but the nearest fighter, Mordikarr manages a swing as it passes, scoring a solid blow [6 damage]. The spider, well-mangled by repeated blows, vanishes into the shadows beyond the open door.

Poison continues to burn away at Grendor, Strom, and Dagmarten [2, 2, 4 damage], but it seems to be fading from the half-elf and dwarf.

[Round Six - ? Initiative]

As the group in front tries to clean off the remaining webs, Maro pulls out an oil flask, "Just in case," he mutters, then realizes no on has a lantern lit to fire the crude bomb.

Durego pulls out the dwarf kettle and speaks the command word. Dagmarten Grendor, and Strom all take doses, leaving one in the kettle. "What do I do with this now?" grumbles the cleric [3,3,1 respectively].

"Don't spill it!" says Rawon, who runs forward to retrieve the silver arrow from the dead spider. Unfortunately the other silver arrow was carried off by the fleeing spider.

"Do we chase them?" calls Raúguey from the front.

[Dagmarten suffers a final 3 damage from poison before it fades].

All doors, except the single door in the southeast wall are closed. There is no apparent response from Stev.

Dagmarten: 2 damage
Grendor: 6 damage
Strom: 17 damage
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