Monday, February 23, 2015

Wilds - I Spy

After a night and day of scouting [and a brief interruption caused by annoying email server issues], the party has a plan. Set an ambush near Hill Hole and try to sucker a few 'bug mans' out for a little party. I took advantage of the the email interruption to switch over my campaign wiki to Tiddlywiki 5, the latest version.

Since no one other than Maro volunteers to keep watch on Hill Hole tonight, camp settles down quickly. Tomorrow's another day, which the party intends to use for scouting and for planning a nighttime ambush.

Morning is crisp and cold, with a stiff breeze blowing through the barren trees. The shivering party eats a hasty meal before heading out, first back to their last camp to see if the spiders they saw leaving the den tracked them back to camp, then on to Hill Hole to find a good ambush location.

When the party gets to the old camp site, they find it undisturbed. "Looks like they didn't come this far, or they weren't tracking us at all," says Rawon, after he and Mordikarr sweep the site.

"Then let's head back and find a spot for a trap. I'm ready to kill some spiders," says Ra├║guey.

"Agreed," answers Maro. "We should come in from the west. That way we have plenty of options to keep them away from our new camp if they come out in force."

"We can see how this wand works too," adds Ohwatoo. "Maybe it can provide the lure for the trap, or a distraction if things go poorly."

The party backtracks several miles along their previous trail, with the scouts checking for signs of spidery tracks along the way. They seen nothing, except a few skittish deer. "Anyone seen any squirrels?" asks Dagmarten.

"Now that you mention it, no I haven't." Durego peers into the leafless trees overhead. "Maybe the little spiders go out hunting or set webs? That's an encouraging thought."

"Everyone keep their eyes open, and check the trees from time to time. The smaller spiders were only as large as a dog. Nothing to panic over," says Ingvild.

By the time the party gets close to Hill Hole, it's afternoon. The main force stays well back in the trees while the lightly armored Rawon, Mordikarr, Ingvild and Dagmarten divide into pairs to scout the site. They return in half an hour. "Looks quiet. No sign of creatures outside."

"Any good ambush sites?" asks Strom.

"Nothing obvious. There are a few rocky outcroppings and some trees, but nothing large enough to hide everyone, at least not within sight of the entrance. If we want everyone in on the kill, we'll have to be scattered or draw them further into the woods," answers Rawon.

"I don't like the idea of us scattered. Too easy for someone to get cut off, webbed and made into spider dinner," says Durego.

"Well we're here now. We need to do something to thin their ranks. I wonder what Stev's doing. I'd think a brute that big would have to eat quite a bit," says Ohwatoo.

"No see Steve. No see bug mans. Think we need to watch more, maybe see how they live before attack," says Mordikarr.


As above, there are no ambush spots that are going to accommodate the entire party within 100 yards of the entrance. There are trees, but most are bare. There are also lots of rocky patches, but most offer scant cover. There is very little undergrowth near Hill Hole, which is somewhat surprising given the thickets and low-growing trees further out. You also note that the broken ground is going to make tough running for anyone acting as bait for the trap.

You can certainly spend more time looking further out, but be aware that having the armored party members roaming around in metal armor will make considerable noise (and leave plenty of tracks / smells behind if the things have any tracking ability
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