Monday, January 26, 2015

Wilds - Say Hello to my Little Friend

The party has gotten past the heavy portcullis, but now they face a new large and smelly challenge. Reactions are... mixed.

"What the heck is that?" mutters Ohwatoo, eyes wide.

"Strom! Rags! To me! Hold the front line at the exterior of the portcullis. Everyone else back and attack at range." Grendor's voice is low but intense. He backs a few steps and takes position just outside the heavy grate.

"He wants to play, let's see if he means that, or something else," whispers Ingvild.

Raúguey ignores the hasty plans for battle. "Who wants to play? We do of course!" He drops the hammer he was wielding and slowly advances into the room, hands open.

"Are you *sure* you want to do that?" whispers a horrified Durego. "Ah... never mind. I'll be outside." The cleric beats a swift retreat to the trees outside the entry tunnel. Rawon and Dagmarten follow Durego's lead, stopping just outside the door, one left, one right. Rawon prepares his bow, Dagmarten pulls out an oil flask and works on getting a candle lit. Others shift position as well.

Seeing Raúguey advance, Mordikarr moves up a bit. "Yes Stev. We play game. We play who is strong enough to open gate." He points at Raúguey. "My friend know many games." As he speaks Mordikarr notices Ingvild slip into the shadows in the corner left of the portcullis.

The giant lumbers forward a step or two, and cocks its head to the side. As he does, Raúguey notes he has a fourth eye in the back of his head. "STEV LIKE GAME! COME PLAY WITH STEV'S TOYS!" he says, idiot grin on its face. He claps excitedly, then pounds the floor with his big left hand, shaking rubble out of the broken wall. "COME PLAY BEFORE BUG MANS COME." He looks southeast, perhaps at the double doors there (hard to say exactly where he's looking). In a (slightly) lower voice he says, "STEV NO LIKE BUGS."

With that, the brute turns and ducks back through the double doors, calling back "COME PLAY WITH STEV!"

"Did he say bug men?" asks Maro.

"No laddie, he said bug mans, but I figure grammar ain't his strong suit." Strom looks at the other closed doors in the chamber. "He don't like bugs, neither do I."

OOC: At this point, Durego is out in the trees northwest of the entry. Rawon, Dagmarten, and Saurabh have retreated to the exterior as well, taking up positions outside the opening (Rawon southeast, the other two northwest). Grendor, Strom, and Maro are just outside the portcullis, armed and ready, and Ohwatoo is behind them in the hallway. Ingvild is inside in the shadows near the northwest side of the portcullis. Raúguey and Mordikarr are inside the main room, 15 feet or so in.
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