Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Wilds - Post Holiday Blues

The game is ramping back up after the holiday break, and this is a first short turn to get things moving again. The wily beastmaster managed to avoid the clever trap set by the GM, and realized the bear the party encountered was not hostile.

"It's a good thing Mordikarr realized that was Cabola's bear this afternoon," says Ingvild as he settles in by the fire.

"Aye, I guess being able to talk to animals might be a handy skill to have after all." Grendor sips ale as he works the edge of his bastard sword. "These folk seem pretty poor though, I'm not sure why we're here. I thought we were going to be killing a necromancer, not visiting uncivilized folk out here."

"When the others get back, you'll see the benefit of friends out here," says Dagmarten. "And we'll all reap the rewards when we bring furs to trade into Auslaug."

"I came for cleaving, not trading," mutters Strom. The dwarf is about to add something, but a commotion at the gate draws everyone's attention. "Looks like the trade is done, at least for tonight," he says when he sees that the commotion is the others heading for the camp site, the same location near the gate the party used previously.

"Good news," says Durego when he joins the crowd. "They tools were a good choice. They're willing to trade furs and herbs for all that we have. Liquor and wine too."

"What about shelter in town? It's going to storm soon. Be nice to have a roof overhead."

Maro speaks up, "I don't think we should push. They're friendly, but still defensive. So many armed folk in their midst might strain the relationship we have. Let's do a deal and move on quickly. No need to impose on their hospitality. Remember they're barely scratching out a living here, and winter is coming on."

"Then we better figure out our course going forward," growls Ra├║guey, bored with the recent hiking and then the sitting outside the village palisade.

"Cheer up bee man. Belon shared a flask of his mead with us. Here it is." Durego passes around the skin, and everyone tries the slightly sweet brew.

"Good stuff, but where do we go next?"

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