Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PBE Games Update

Looking back over my product spreadsheet for PBE Games, I see I've been in Dungeons in Blue mode for the first month of 2015, publishing a trio of Small Dungeons, and five new Mega Tiles. Here's the latest stuff.
  • Mega Tile Six - a large natural cavern crossed by an underground river. Several cliffs and crevices create natural elevation changes and obstacles in the cave.
  • Mega Tile Seven - is a large temple complex with tombs and crypts nearby.
  • Mega Tile Eight - depicts a trio of sewer lines running into a large natural cavern and the river therein.
  • Mega Tile Nine - is a traditional dungeon area with several large chambers and multiple stairways. It's a great level transition piece as it depicts three separate elevations on one tile.
  • Mega Tile Ten - is a huge lava-filled cavern with several elevation changes. Red dragon lair anyone?
  • Small Dungeons #13 - a fortified complex with several large chambers.
  • Small Dungeons #14 -  a very long hallway connecting a natural cavern complex to a traditional dungeon area. Both areas have exits to the outdoors.
  • Small Dungeons #15 - A classic dungeon with a mix of features and some curved corridors to befuddle your mappers.

And as usual, there are deals to be had. Mega Tile Five Pack #2 bundles Mega Tiles six through ten into a discount package. Small Dungeons Map Pack #5 does the same for Small Dungeons #13, #14, and #15.
Small Dungeons #13 Preview
There's a little more variety in the queue for the next month: a few new Uncommon Ground textures; two more Hexed Places sandbox regions, Two Fang Gap and Ash Wood; plus a trio of tile sets featuring over-sized corridors, and more Mega Tiles. I also have a whole bunch of Tile of the Week posts queued up too. Stay tuned.

Uncommon Ground - Stonerash Preview

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