Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wilds - Town Again?

By the time the group gets back to town proper, organizes places to stay, and arranges for more supplies, night has fallen. Various sub-groups settle in to various common rooms, food and drink at hand. 
There's a certain amount of tension in the conversations around the bars. More reports of conflict down south, Helswood half-burned to the ground. Fighting along East Gorsebonn's north border, and sightings of South Gorsebonn soldiers near Hembard Wilds borders. More refugees in the rough camp southeast of Hustwood. More mercenaries on Lord Thambar's payroll. Petty thievery reported at some outlying farms. As for the rumor of westward expansion, one old geezer suggests that the ruined village just beyond the Westwalk will be the site of the new settlement. Another suggests the hills near the Cold Caves will be used. All agree that something must be done though; there are dozens of families and assorted rough sorts in the camp. It'll be a hard winter if they stay where they are without permanent shelter.

The next day, party members split up and head out on personal errands and tasks, shopping, sniffing for rumors, and checking in at Erlinga's temple to see if there is news regarding the writ. All agree to meet at the Stag for an evening meal together to report in and discuss status. It's a pleasant day for walking [HA!], cool and clear skies with a light breeze. When everyone gathers back at the Stag, Durego is first to speak, excitement in his eyes. "We've been cleared! I spoke with Vicar General Gara and the judgement has been rescinded!"

After a burst of excited chatter from the group, Rawon asks, "How did they resolve this so fast, and without asking for reports from us? Was this whole thing just a ploy to get the body back for the Leatherfoots?"

Durego blushes slightly. "I... asked the same thing. I should have known." He gestures at Maro. "Our elf friend can sometimes speak with the dead, right? Priests of Rados can do this as well, and they... well, I don't know all that order's secrets of course, but they had the only witness they needed, Locky himself!" The cleric reaches into his pouch and pulls something out. "We also got this back." He tosses the silver medallion of Highcliff on the table. "Though Gara did suggest that we exercise sounder judgement in the future if we expect to remain in Lord Thambar's good graces."

"We should probably stay away from Hustwood too," adds Dagmarten. Several others nod agreement.


There are surprisingly few signs of refugees around town. But there are more guards visible, moving in pairs. Some see pairs of riders in unfamiliar yellow and blue cloaks passing through town, heading toward the Wood Road.

More than once guards question party members roaming the streets with weapons shown. Apparently the party's name is not that tarnished, there's no trouble from the guards once they establish their identities.

Those checking into businesses find little of interest. There are no traveling merchants (that you can find), and shelves in various shops and stores are somewhat lower than usual. Clearly some of the refugees have money to spend.

Though you noticed it yesterday when you were at the keep, I forgot to mention it. There are fresh heads on pikes over the gate. Apparently the beheadings will continue until morale improves.


  1. Winter and War. Stuck between an icy rock and a hardened steel place.

    1. At least they're not wanted for murder.


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