Monday, December 22, 2014

Wilds - Move On. Nothing to See Here

With the basic nature of the flying foes in Nest Tower discovered, the party decides to avoid a fight with flying foes and seek riches elsewhere. After a quiet night, they pack up and head back to the hirelings and guards. Once reunited with the others they pack up everything, head for the Needle jump to the Fridge, and recover all their supplies, a series of tasks that takes quite a while.

Once everything is reorganized, the party heads northwest, threading the gap between Nest Tower and Corpse Hill, making a beeline for for Tragor's Hold. Once again the group discovers how painfully slow it is to travel with heavily laden mules. Dusk finds the party just a handful of miles northwest of FOB1 (which was undisturbed since the party's last visit).

[November 10] After a quiet night the party continues traveling northwest into thicker forest, good cover but slow going. They cross a narrow creek that marks the transition from oaks and maples to pines and cedars. They also stumble across old bones (not that old, perhaps a few months) along the creek's banks. They appear to be humanoid skeletons mixed with those of pack animals or horses, all hacked, scattered, and gnawed. "I don't like the looks of this," says Rawon.

"At least it isn't us," answers Ohwatoo.

"Should we bury them?" asks Durego.

"We don't have time for that nonsense. We just spent weeks dealing with a corpse. I don't want to waste more time on these unknowns," says Ingvild.

"We wouldn't have wasted that time if we'd done the right thing in the first place."

Maro sighs and shakes his head, eyes on the surrounding woods. Ra├║guey says, "Maybe we should search the area, see if they left anything behind."


I know you guys have a good plan in place, but with the holiday coming I thought I'd give you something to mull over along the way.

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