Monday, December 1, 2014

Wilds - Cleanup, Aisle Z

The zombie owlbear abomination has been defeated. All that's left is to try and find the parts and pieces of Locky that remain, and get the hell out of here.

Start Date: October 16, evening
Start Status: Covered in death, again
Start Location: Locky's grave site

The Turn

"Well, that was awful." Saurabh is slumped against a tree, pale and weak, having just heaved his guts out for the third time.

The party, now gore-spattered, muddy, and covered once again in the stench of death, watch as Maro and Raúguey pour oil over the zombie-flesh-filled pit that was once Locky's grave, and then toss in a torch. "That's an end to that," mutters the elf as the greasy flames consume the rotting carcass of the owl bear, and other... things.

After the fight and tending wounds, the group spent two hours cutting apart the zombie-thing and salvaging what Halfling bits and pieces they could from the mass, then digging in the soggy pit for the rest of Locky's remains. Group members took turns digging, cutting, standing watch, and heaving their guts out in the nearby woods, but finally, the job was done. Aside from a few small bones (and one shin that simply was not there), Locky's bones were gathered, organized, blessed with holy water, packed with scent-masking herbs, and wrapped in layers of thick canvas. It's a surprisingly small and sad bundle.

"We should go. I know we needed to burn that, but there's no telling what the smoke will draw. Best we're long gone by the time it gets here." Rawon finishes cleaning off the silver arrows used in the fight and stows them away in his quiver.

The party backtracks, first south to the roadway, then southeast along that slightly more open path. Night comes quickly, and once again the group is forced to use light stones to see the path. The least tired party members share the load of Locky's body, but it's been a very long day. The group only makes a couple of miles along the trail before they're forced to stop, exhausted.

There is no real camp tonight. The group simply finds a fairly clear spot off the road and drops. Durego fires up the Dwarf Kettle and shares around the broth, making sure he and Raúguey each get a dose, and that the rest go to the most worn out, but even the Kettle's restorative powers can't dispel the exhaustion. Those who can stand watch in turns, fearing the worst, while the rest sleep.

Despite the makeshift camp, the night passes without incident, and the next morning the group presses on. It's cool and breezy, but the clear weather holds. They reach the Spire without incident, use the nearby stream to clean up, and then quickly move inside. A quick manipulation of the Spire controls sends the party to Needle Spire and relative safety. After that it's a short hike to the improvised camp to the north. When they return they find the guards are fine, and the mules are rested.

OOC: Grendor uses a couple of doses of yarrow to treat wounds on Durego and Raúguey, and Dagmarten and Durego each use one CLW healing Durego and Raúguey (4 HP each healed). Durego expends a second cure on Raúguey (5 HP). Maro's attempt to communicate with Locky's remains fails to produce any meaningful result. Two flasks of oil used to burn the remaining body parts in Locky's grave so they don't get used *again*.

Note the silver arrows are not consumed when used.

Wound status: Everyone is fully healed.

End Date: October 17, early afternoon
End Status: Camp
End Location: Temporary camp north of Needle Spire

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