Sunday, December 28, 2014

PBE Games - Last Call for 2014

The end of the year is Coming Soon (TM), so I thought I'd better put out a final update on PBE Games releases before 2014 winds down. I've published close to 150 products this year, about triple last year's total. Here are the latest.

The third Hexed Places is now available. The Bogwood is a forested hex with a slow-moving, swampy river running through it. A temple purported to have healing powers and an abandoned village along the river are the two main encounter areas outlined in this sandbox locale.

Discolored and Cracks of Doom are two new textures in the Uncommon Ground series. Each is a stone texture, one aged and worn, one laced with contrasting cracks and marks.

Uncommon Ground - Discolored
Last up, I've added five Mega Tiles to the Dungeons in Blue series. These over-sized geomorphs feature really big rooms and caverns, and some use the new 30-foot wide hallway and cavern connections. These five tiles are also available in a discount bundle. I've also added More Grand Caverns and More Grand Hallways, two sets of passages focused on 30-foot wide connections. These two sets include transitions to other cross-over styles, too.
Mega Tile Four
And with these releases, I bring 2014 to a close. I hope everyone out there had time for some gaming during the holiday season. Best wishes to all for the new year!

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