Saturday, December 6, 2014

PBE Games - New Product Announcements

It's been a busy couple weeks for PBE Games, and I need to catch up on new product announcements. Here's the latest stuff, all available via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow:

Mega Tile One Preview
On the Dungeons in Blue front, I've released Transitions, a new set of quarter-sized geomorphs. Each of these tiles depicts a change-over point between two or more tunnel styles: standard and natural corridors, grand hallways and caverns, and sewer tunnels. I've also released Mega Tile One, the first of many quadruple-size tiles. The bigger canvas these tiles provide mean I can create spaces more suitable for set-piece encounters.

If you prefer stand-alone maps for the VTT, Oyarza's Lair is now available. This is a black and white, single-level, dungeon map of the abandoned (maybe) lair of the long-dead (maybe) wizard Oyarza, suitable for use in any fantasy role-playing game. The package includes player, GM, and handout versions of the map, along with map notes and a brief history of the site to provide inspiration.

I've also released the first two Hexed Places, The Gray Ribs, and Fen Fields. Hexed Places are outdoor locations and encounters based on the classic six-mile hex format and OSR sensibilities. Use these locales as a quick side adventure, to fill out your campaign sandbox, or expand upon them to create a multi-session campaign. Each includes an overview of the region, expanded one-mile per hex maps for players and GMs (PDF and VTT format), encounter and rumor tables, and descriptions of individual locations, encounters, and features within the hex.

Next up, are Bright Decay, Old Stone, and Freckle Speckle, three new Uncommon Ground textures. All three are stone surfaces, colorful, aged, and spotted, respectively. All Uncommon Ground textures are licensed for private and commercial use.

Bright Decay Preview

Finally, we come to One Page #23: Venoms and Toxins. This table details the appearance and effect of twenty unique poisons. These entries are easily adapted to any fantasy game.

As you can see, I've been busy, but there's more to come. The next couple weeks will see another Hexed Places, a new set of Dungeons in Blue Small Dungeons, more Mega Tiles, and more Uncommon Ground.

As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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