Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wilds - These are not the Ghosts You're Looking For

After the scouts report their findings, the group decides there's nothing more to gain from investigating the shadowy battle (and no one really wants to go chasing that many things in the dark), so they resettle the mules and double the watch. The rest of the night passes without incident.

[October 12] The morning is chilly and gray, and as the party packs up, the wind picks up. By mid-morning it's raining again. At least the way ahead is flat ground. It's a tedious slog, but the party makes it to the old quarry and Urúvion's grave site by nightfall. It's a cold and wet stay on the nearby hill, tedious, except for a midnight visitation by a huge old raccoon. Mageta puts an end to that problem, and the Beastmaster's pets share the meat.

[October 13] The weather warms a bit, but the rain continues. All day. The march is a grim affair, by nightfall the party barely reaches Vostat's shrine, but at least the rain finally lets up. The party spends half the night drying and cleaning clothing and gear, and scrounging for firewood in the scrubby terrain around shrine. Tempers are short, and no one is pleased by the slow pace.

[October 14] "At least it's not raining," says Grendor. He and Raúguey were on the dawn watch, and both were relieved to see blue skies overhead.

"Aye, we should rouse everyone and get moving while the weather's OK." The pair wakes the camp, and in short order the still-damp party is underway. Progress is still slow despite the clear weather. The ground is saturated, and the mules are just slow. Nightfall finds the party southeast of Needle Spire, just off the old roadway.

[October 15] A quiet night passes and the party is back in motion, anxious to get to FOB1 and get on with business without the mules in tow. The day is cool and windy, making for a pleasant hike. The party pauses at Needle Spire so the new guys can see the strange construct, then moves on, reaching FOB1 mid-afternoon.

The camp has been vandalized. Firewood scattered, lean-tos torn apart, stone walls torn down, and everything, ground, ruin, trees, is smeared and sprayed with feces. Broken branches overhead and twisted gray feathers on the ground hint at the source of the destruction.

"I got a bad feeling about this," mutters Durego, surveying the ruined camp.

OOC: The destruction here is not that recent, at least a week, probably longer. The rains since have obscured any tracks.

End Date: October 15, afternoon
End Status: Ah carp.
End Location: The Wilds, FOB1

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