Monday, November 24, 2014

Wilds - That's no Halfling!

The party has sprung the necromancer's trap, will they survive the encounter with the undead abomination?

Start Date: October 16, late afternoon
Start Status: Locky, you've changed
Start Location: Locky's gravesite

The Turn

[Round One Creature Initiative]

The zombie-thing climbs/slithers out of the pit. It's big, towering over Mordikarr. You can tell now that at least part of the thing was an owlbear, but there are some extra legs and arms attached. A couple of them seem to have weapons, but you can't tell if they're being held, or stitched into the thing's flesh. As the brute focuses its attention on Mordikarr, the wild man gives a great shout, and tries to shove the pole he has into the beaked face to slow its forward progress, but the creature bats at the pole with a halberd-hand, and it snaps before making contact. The thing swats at Mordikarr with another limb, but he ducks aside and retreats, pulling his bow as he goes.

"Fire! Burn it!" Ingvild ducks away from the creature, digging into his belt pouch for a flask of oil.

"No you fool!" cries Grendor. "Burn it and you burn Locky! This calls for sword and shield. Strom, let's go! Strom?"

"I'm with you," says Raúguey. He moves to the half-elf's side.

The Dwarf is busy, pulling something out of his own belt pouch. Meanwhile Rawon has ducked (staggered?) away to the left, out of the creature's reach. He readies one of the silver arrows. Maro does the same, while Ohwatoo pulls out his darts, "Time for something new," he says.

Rawon and Maro fire silver arrows at the creature, and Ohwatoo hurls a dart. Ingvild hears Grendor's shouted warning, but pulls out the oil flask, just in case anything else shows up. Strom finally gets his flask of holy water out, and joins the general flinging of things at the creature. Dagmarten readies his sling.

Ohwatoo's dart flies wide, as does Maro's arrow, but Rawon's strikes true, as before the arrow flares with white light as it strikes [10 damage]. Strom's throw also goes wide, and the precious liquid spatters the pit beyond the creature. "Blast!" cries the dwarf, following the other two fighters into the front ranks. Dagmarten's sling stone strikes home [3 damage].

"For Locky!" cries Durego, hammering at the creature with his mace. [4 damage]

"Indeed!" answers Grendor, striking with Raúguey and covering Strom, who is readying his blade. Raúguey and Grendor both hit [12 and 7 damage respectively].

"Saurabh! Snap out of it!" shouts Raúguey, noticing his companion is standing gape-jawed.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," the priest fumbles with his weapon...

[Round Two Creature Initiative]

Ohwatoo begins casting a spell!

The beast flails at its nearest foes, Raúguey, Grendor, Durego, and Strom, seemingly at random. Halberd arm and clawed hand strike at Strom, but miss, broken sword blade limb hacks at Durego, but the blow scrapes off armor, dagger paw slashes at Raúguey and connects, [10 damage, ouch!], and clawed hand strike again at Durego, connecting solidly [7 damage].

Durego backs away from the creature, There's another round of ranged fire from the elves, Ingvild, Dagmarten, Mordikarr, and Saurabh. Rawon, Maro, and Saurabh hit, the others miss [11, 11, and 4 damage respectively]. "I don't see anything else moving!" shouts Ingvild.

Ohwatoo unleashes his magic missile, which strikes the beak-head [1 damage].

"Let's finish this off lads!" cries Strom. He hacks at the things legs, while Grendor and Raúguey aim at arms and torso. The dwarf's blow goes wide, but both half-elf and human strike home [8 and 11 damage respectively]. The creature stiffens, then sags, then collapses in a heap.

"Well done!" exclaims Rawon, "that calls for a dri... what is that!" The things' corpse begins to deform and swell, as if something was inside, clawing to get out. The matted fur splits and maggoty gore spills forth, along with something else, a head-sized, pulsing mass, slick with black blood. It quivers a moment, and then splits apart. The pieces wrinkle and shrivel, and the whole thing collapses inward, leaving nothing but black dust and a foul, unnatural stench.

OOC: there are no signs of other foes.

End Date: October 16, late afternoon
End Status: You killed Locky again! You b*tards!
End Location: Locky's gravesite

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