Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Wilds - Corpse Run

Finally, we're back on the road. There was much wailing and whining and gnashing of teeth concerning logistics and gear, but we finally got it done. Here's the first turn of the new cycle...

Start Date: October 2, Year of the Badger
Start Status: Northern Route
Start Location: Auslaug

The Turn

"That's a lot of gear," mutters Jonquil, eyeing the heavily laden mules tied up outside farmer Hake's barn.

"It is, but we'll need it. I suspect it's going to be a long trip," answers Gorvil. He's watching the main party, who are settling up with Hake. "Looks like they're about ready to go, let's get them unhitched and moving." Fifteen minutes later, with a final wave to Hake, the party is off, a gusty, chilly breeze blowing the first autumn leaves across the road as they head down the farm lane.

The first couple hours are very slow as the party follows the cart paths and farm roads that lead to the Ironway and shake out the kinks in the load. The heavy loads make for slow going, the party crosses the first bridge over the Hembard River mid-afternoon, and makes a few more miles by nightfall. They camp in a fallow field along the road that night. The few travelers they see give the group a wide berth.

The next morning [Oct 3] is gray and wet. Light rain turns heavy by mid-morning, and the wind picks up. "Miserable day for hiking," mutters Durego, his newly cleaned and repaired armor already smeared with mud and leaves. It's a long, slow slog, across the second Hembard River bridge then through pastures and grassland. Luckily the Ironway is well-maintained, so the weather doesn't slow the party much.They camp in the field again, wet and miserable.

The third day [Oct 4], lather, rinse repeat, with a minor change: the group passes through Brekkevale in the morning. It's a bit warmer, but just as wet, and the Wood Road is less well-maintained. The party makes it into the woods south of Brekkevale before they stop for the night.

Day four [Oct 5] is, if anything, worse. Pounding rain coupled with high winds turns the road to muck, except for the corduroy sections, which become slick ankle-busters. The party presses on, but barely makes ten miles, ending the day in dense woods and coated with mud. No one else is foolish enough to travel in this weather, the party sees no other travelers.

Finally the weather changes [Oct 6]. The sun breaks through and the skies clear. The road is still a mess, but at least people dry out a bit. The group continues along the muddy Wood Road, making slightly better time. They reach the abandoned road / trail that leads west at dusk.

End Date: October 6, Year of the Badger, nightfall
End Status: No damn good in the mud
End Location: Wood Road at the fork

Standing Orders

Marching Order (servants march with their leader)

Front: Rawon, Mordikarr, Maro
Middle: Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Ingvild, Dagmarten
Rear: Durego (Gorvil), Raúguey (Saurabh), Tesso

Indoor (Gorvil, Saurabh, Jonquil - guard duty)
Front: Mordikarr, Ingvild, Durego, Raúguey
Middle: Maro, Ohwatoo, Tesso
Rear: Rawon, Dagmarten

1 - Ingvild, Raúguey (Saurabah), Rawon
2 - Maro, Durego (Gorvil), Tesso
3 - Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Dagmarten, Mordikarr

Main Characters

Durego Van - 4th Cleric (Hasuden)
Ohwatoo - 3rd Magic-User (Hasuden)
Raúguey Downs - 3rd Fighter (Hasuden)
Rawon - 3rd Wood Elf
Mordikarr - 3rd Beastmaster
Maro Revane - 2nd High Elf
Ingvild - 4th Thief (Toresden)
Grendor - 3rd Fighter (Half-elf)
Strom Aksbreaker - 3rd Fighter (Dwarf)


Gorvil - 1st fighter - Durego Van
Jonquil - 1st fighter - Ohwatoo
Saurabh - 1st cleric - Raúguey
Tesso - 1st fighter - Group hire

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